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From the mountainous regions of Mendoza, Argentina comes this delicious malbec. Elegent and full-bodied, it has lots of plum and berry aromas and ripe fruity flavours of blueberry and blackberry. Pait it with lamb shank or beef stew dishes. ..
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Malbec is perfectly adapted to Mendel's Argentinian climate and soil, displaying its typical aromas of red and black fruits with hints of vanilla spice and chocolate...
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Bold, fruity and tannic best describes this stunning bordeaux! Aromas of red summer fruit and dark stone fruit flavours dominate. Bottled at 14%, it's made with Merlot 80% and Cabernet-Sauvignon 20% and aged for 12 months in French oak barrels. Perfect when paired with cold cuts and cheeses.&nb..
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From Mendoza, Argentina comes this fabulous chardonnay. Full of fruity aromas of crisp green apple and pineapple with a nice acidity and a fruity finish. Great when paired with fish or vegetarian dishes. ..
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Crafted with 100% Tempranillo variety grapes in Denomination of Origin Ribera del Guadiana, this elegant ruby red reioja has aged in French oak barrels for 6 to 8 months. This results in a complex wine with notes of ripe fruit, spices, and a discreet note of excellent wood. Bottled at 13%, it's deli..
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Brand: Anima Negra
A blend that demonstrates the true varieties of the island of Mallorca! Made from a blend of 65% Callet, 20% Manto-Negro - Fogoneu, and 15% Syrah. The wine is then aged in oak barrels for 13 months. The end result gives us a smooth, balanced, flavoursome, and silky wine with great flavours of balsam..
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All the way from La Seca, Spain comes this delicious white wine. Made from 70% Verdejo, 30% Viura grapes, it's well-balanced with just the right amount of acidity and boasts flavours of vanilla, peach and citrus. Bottled at 13%. ..
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Brand: Schiopetto
Friulano del Pompiere is a white wine with that's bright and aromatic. It has aged exclusively in steel for a few months. Notes of fresh almonds, wild flowers, tropical fruit and light vegetal nuances accompany a sip of great drinkability, finesse and elegance, of energetic freshness and minerality...
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A superb mini bottle of vodka from the Boatyard Distillery which is located on Lough Erne near Enniskillen. This is made in a still they have named 'Dr Fusion' and is made solely from Irish grown wheat. Once made it is not filtered and left as it is with the subtle taste of grain. ..
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Popular Irish trad band The Wolf Tones have released their very own whiskey! This limited-edition small batch, blended whiskey has aged in premium sherry casks. It boasts roasted pineapple, caramel chocolates, apples and subtle peat smoke on the nose with orchard fruits and chocolate orang..
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From county Fermanagh comes this great tasting gin in a mini bottle that has been distilled in both pot and column stills. The juniper berries are treated in a special process borrowed from the Dutch in which double contact with the spirit is achieved hence the term 'double gin'. This is a classic d..
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From the Lowlands-based Lochlea distillery comes a rather exciting expression Our Barley, the first single malt to join the distillery's core range! For this release, they have matured the whisky in a combination of ex-bourbon and ex-Oloroso sherry casks, as well as shaved, toasted and re-charred ba..
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A stunning Celtic Whiskey Shop EXCLUSIVE with Dingle Distillery! Matured in an Oloroso Sherry Cask, specially selected by Master Distiller, Graham Coull and exclusively bottled for The Celtic Whiskey Shop. Every Single Cask Whiskey from Dingle Distillery is a unique and singular expression which can..
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From the heart of Oaxaca, Mexico comes this sweet and herbaceous award-winning Mezcal! This release is bound to delight fans of the spirit with its well-balanced with hints of red apple, ripe fruits, and a mild smoky layer to finish...
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A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from the Medoc region. Fruity and elegant with notes of blueberry, blackberry and strawberry, hints of violets and spices. Concentrated, well balanced with fine round tannins and good texture, toast and subtle oaky notes on the finish. Great paired with matur..
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The only thing better than a Christmas tree - a cocktail tree! Ideal for displaying cocktails to impress friends and family for any kind of party. Arrives flat packed and is easily assembled and disassembled for handy storage. Please note glasses are not included. ..
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The first single pot still Jameson has released since 1960 so suffice to say we're excited about this one! Triple distilled and matured in a combination of three different types of virgin oak (Irish, European, and American), in addition to ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks. This five oak maturation del..
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The grapes for this wine are grown at an altitude of 900m, an ideal altitude to produce crisp, young wines. Coupled with the coastal influence, Aguilares Tinto is fresh and should be enjoyed young. With a juicy fruit character and smooth texture, this wine is perfect for any occasion...
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An elegant, rich and complex merlot! This gourmet wine boast a silky mouthfeel  with a beautiful a beautiful freshness. Cuvée limited to 5,000 bottles for this 2022 vintage. Pairs well with ribs, seasonal vegetables and homemade fries or chocolate cake...
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Brand: GlenAllachie
A stunning Scottish whiskey aged in four types of premium European red wine: Languedoc, Recioto Della Valpolicella, and two undisclosed Premier Cru Classés. Expect notes of cherries, coconut, liquorice, raspberry, blackcurrant, espresso coffee and wild truffle. Definitely one to savour! ..
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A great gift or complete cocktail setup for home use. This kit contains: Plastic Muddler, 2 x copper Pourers, Professional Jigger, 2 Ear Strainer, Boston Can, Boston Glass, Standard Spoon with Masher. All packed in a bottle size cardboard gift tube.*Limited to a maximum purchase of 3 sets per custom..
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A limited edition bottling from Plantation! This exciting release is the first single cask Plantation rum for Ireland. It has aged for 11 years in Bourbon casks and one year in Ferrand casks and then finished for 4 months in a Palo Cortado Sherry cask which results in spicy aromas of pepper, cloves,..
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A mini bottle of delightfully malty Speyside whisky with a hint of spice! Aged in 100% Oloroso sherry casks, it's complex and smooth. Bottled at 40%, it's multi-award winner for good reason. Expect notes of delicate winter spices with fruitcake, rich toffee, and a hint of smoke...
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Brand: Celtic Cask
An exceptional single malt which marks the start of the final chapter of Celtic Whiskey Shop's highly aged single malts from this distillery and also those from the 1990s (a decade that has become synonymous with quality and uniqueness). It has aged initially in a refill ex-Bourbon cask then transfe..
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A 5cl offering of this premium Umeshu made with the finest Nanko Ume fruit, which are harvested in the Wakayama region of Japan. Made in accordance to a traditional Japanese recipe, which involves stewing ume plums in strong shochu alcohol and sweetener. Overall, well balanced, sweet, and somewhat a..
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This mini bottle is excellent introduction to the 'Sherried' style of Glenfarclas. This has some lovely, juicy fruit flavours combined with exotic spice, subtle smoke and some sappy oak. In 2006 this won 'Best Sherried Whisky' in the Single Malt World Cup...
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A rich and dark chocolate flavoured liqueur made with cocoa beans sourced from the Ivory Coast. This has a little more bitterness than some chocolate liqueurs and will add some natural dark chocolate flavours to your cocktails. ..
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The latest offering from Killahora Orchard! This is Killahora's first pure, dry cider made from 100% bittersweet apple juice, wild fermented, unfiltered and allowed to condition naturally in the bottle to a light sparkle. Acidic and complex, it's bottled at 6%. Perfect for summer days! ..
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A 5cl bottle of a decadent whiskey liqueur that is the first in the world to utilize the prestigious Single Pot Still Irish whiskey spirit in its blend. World’s First Single Pot Still Spirit Irish Cream Liqueur. One of the highest alcohol % for any Irish Cream. Highest cream % for any Irish Cream Li..
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A delightfully malty Speyside whisky with a hint of spice! Aged in 100% Oloroso sherry casks, it's complex and smooth. Bottled at 40%, it's a multi-award winner for good reason. Expect notes of delicate winter spices with fruitcake, rich toffee, and a hint of smoke...
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Another fantastic addition to the award-winning PX I Love You series! This Celtic Whiskey EXCLUSIVE from Boann Distillery is a Single Cask that has matured for 14 years in ex-bourbon casks and is then transferred to a PX Hogshead for 12 months. Triple Distilled & non chill-filtered, this edition..
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Here is a delicious Bolivian grape brandy produced in collaboration with filmmaker Stephen Soderbergh. It is made from Muscato grapes in the high valleys of Bolivia. Expect a spicy and aromatic spirit! ..
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A superb red made from 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. Rich and full-bodied, it's aromatic and boasts flavours of blackcurrants and red fruit with a hint of ginger which is balanced out by the high-quality tannins. A fantastic vintage! Great with lamb cutlet, venison, poultry and wild mu..
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A classic green Creme de Menthe that is made using Peppermint and Mitcham mint. This can be served straight with some ice or used in a variety of cocktails. Slightly syrupy mouthfeel but well balanced and smooth with spice and mint notes. Tastes amazing in a Christmas cocktail or simply over the roc..
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From Colorado, the Jack Rudy Aromatic Bitters work exceptionally well in a Manhattan and Old Fashioned...
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A tasty, guilt-free ale at just 1% ABV! Perfect for quiet ones in, extra-long sessions or if you're the designated driver. Expect fruity flavours with a smooth finish. ..
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A mini bottle of wonderfully sherried 15-year-old dram from Glenfarclas. Bottled at a lower 46% ABV than their usual stronger whiskies simply because this was the strength that George Grant’s grandfather preferred it at. Big, juicy, fruit flavours and easily drinkable...
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Complex and fruity best describes this delicious ruby port! It boasts aromas of black stone fruits, jam and spices with a silky mouthfeel and velvety tannins. Best served over ice. ..
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A traditional blue curacao that is made using small curacao oranges that have had their zest removed. The fruit is distilled in traditional 170L alembic pot stills and the spirit is aged for several months in glass demi-johns. A small amount of sugar is added before bottling. Great for retro 1980s s..
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Presenting an authentic expression of the Douro.  Carefully selected grapes grown in the highest vineyards on the steep terraces of Quinta do Noval,  it combines fruity, floral and mineral aromas. Expect fresh and intense fruity aromas with a touch of spices that make the wine more co..
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The wines of La Roque de By owe their reputation to the pronounced terroir of the Médoc around Bégadan. The unique conditions here create a wine with a deep color and soft, ripe tannin and yet with a powerful full taste with a lot of finesse and length. Beautiful purple in colour, a little lighter-b..
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A refreshing blend Pilsner and light wheat beer! Bottled at 5.2%, it's crisp, clean with a slightly bitter finish. Perfect for warmer days! ..
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Quinta do Noval Tawny Reserve Port is carefully selected and aged for three years in oak. Complex and fruity, it's medium sweet and bottled at 19.5%. Serve chilled as an aperitif or at room temperature with a dessert. ..
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This vintage port is characterized by its purity of fruit and a fine and delicate quality. Elegant and balanced, it's beautifully aromatic and complex with silky tannins, floral on the nose and fruity on the palate. ..
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The second bottling of "Rising Reserve", Teeling's limited edition, super-premium series of unique 21-Year-Old Irish Single Malts. Initially aged in ex-Bourbon casks for over 18 years, before being finished in high-quality Marsala casks, a fortified wine from Sicily, for 3 years. This dual matu..
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Brand: Ardbeg
A rare and superb bottling that's sure to get people talking! This limited edition whisky is both intence and smokey with notes of fennel and celery mixed with woodsmoke on the nose with a distinctively peppery mouthfeel with hints of treacle toffee, aniseed, salted caramel chocolate, eucalyptus, me..
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A stunning wine with ripe black fruit flavours, pepper spice, and vibrant acidity. Made in the heart of Faugeres from vines aged between 40 to 60 years old. Drinkable, tasty, fruity, elegantly structured --  an ode to sweetness, and a delight for the taste buds! Great food wine or equally good ..
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Introducing the second Teeling Chestnut Cask release in collaboration with Celtic Whiskey Shop! For this exciting release, Teeling have matured their single pot still whiskey in a combination chestnut oak and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. The result is a wonderful whiskey full of spice and rich, mouth..
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The 5th release of Teeling's ever-popular Sommelier Selection is here at last! For this release, Teeling has taken their classic Small Batch blend and matured it in red wine barrels from the Portuguese Douro Valley for the first time. The wine from which was pressed from the harvest of vines that we..
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Presenting this small batch collaboration between Teeling Whiskey Co and Plantation rum! For the creation of this release, Teeling have aged their flagship small batch in ex-bourbon casks for 6 years before it is then married in the finest rum casks from Plantation Rum for 12 months. The result is a..
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A delicious pale ale from Kinnegar that's light and crisp with plenty of hops! It's made from German noble hops and goes great with grilled fish or sashimi! ..
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A clean, crisp pilsner that made with a single malt and simple hop bill. Saaz hops have ben used to add a slight spiciness along with added earthy, floral notes. Canned at 4.5%. ..
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A 5cl offering of this tropical goodness from Langs! Packed with vibrant exotic fruit notes. Made from a blend of Molasses-rich, pot and column distilled Jamaican rums from ex-bourbon American white oak casks. A smooth drinking rum to enjoy straight, on the rocks, or in a cocktail mix. ..
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A very exciting release in the ever-popular Bushmills Causeway Collection. This special release was first aged in oloroso sherry butts and bourbon barrels before being finished in rare Pomerol wine casks for a further four years. Pomerol is home to some of the most expensive and sought-after red win..
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A 5cl of the Whistler 5 Year Old Bodega Cask! As the name suggests, this triple distilled Irish single malt has been matured in Oloroso Sherry Butts for a period of five years and takes its name from the bodegas or small wine stores where these butts were sourced. Please note this a 5cl bo..
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Brand: GlenAllachie
Crafted by master distiller Billy Walker, this is a beautiful blend of whiskies aged for a minimum of 10 years in a combination of Pedro Ximenez, oloroso, Rioja, and medium-toasted American oak barrels. Bottled at 58.1%, it boasts nots of chocolate and dried fruits  with sweet spices ..
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Introducing the world’s first-ever vermouth cask-finished Irish single malt whiskey. Another exciting release from Bushmills highly regarded Causeway Collection. This was matured in oloroso sherry butts and bourbon barrels for over 18 years, then aged for nearly two years in unique vermouth casks fr..
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A hazy New England IPA that's packed full of hops and tropical flavours! It's made from Comet, Azacca and El Dorado for a refreshingly citrus taste and fruity aromas. Canned at 4.5%, it's great for chilling out on cool evenings. ..
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Redbreast in collaboration with Birdlife International, present the Limited Edition Project Wingman Bird Feeder Bottle. This mouth-watering single pot still has matured for 12 years and has a smooth yet complex flavour of sherry and fruit with a hint of spice and a silky, lingering finish. Limited t..
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Double Gold winner at the International Spirits Challenge 2021 for a good reason! The Lost Explorer Mezcal Tobala comes from Oaxaca, Mexico, the home of mezcal. Tobala is an elusive agave that grows only in shaded, high altitude canyons and offers a much more developed flavour than younger agaves. E..
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Not only a reference to the nation's favourite comedy show Father Ted, it's also a delicious beer!  This West Coast-style IPA is hopped with Centennial, Idaho 7 and Citra. Expect Lots of sweet candied orange and peach notes with a slight bitterness at the back. Canned at 6.2%. ..
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Here's the world's first ever 100% rye Irish whiskey! Made from pure rye mash, it's full of character with plenty of peppery spice and an added sweetness from seasoned American oak cask maturation. It boasts vanilla. clove and maraschino cherries on the nose with caramelised apples, orange..
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This delicious brew draws inspiration from the the hazy, juicy beers made famous by Vermont brewers. It has all the hop flavour of a typical west coast American style IPA, bursting with tropical and citrus aromas and a dry hopped bitter finish. Canned at 4.2%, it's hopped with Amarill..
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A stunning combo of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Rich and elegant, it boasts aromas of red plum, summer fruits and cracked black pepper with flavours of cocoa and vanilla. Pairs well with grilled fish and soups. ..
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From Shortcross Distillery comes this superb peated Irish whiskey! A super premium blend of 5 Irish whiskies including short cross-peated single malt Irish Whiskey, triple & double distilled Malt, alongside pot still and grain. Matured in ex-bourbon, sherry casks & virgin American oak. ..
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Presenting a 5cl bottle of The Whistler Mosaic Marsala Cask Finish. Joining the highly acclaimed Whistler range, is a Marsala Cask finished single grain which was initially matured in ex-Bourbon barrels before being finished in Sicilian Marsala casks for over 15 months. Expect fruity notes..
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Western Heard's flagship beer is a classic West Coast-style Pale Ale. It boasts citrus aromas of orange and grapefruit with slightly bitter and spicy finish. Canned at 5.1%. and hopped with Cascade, Citra, Amarillo. ..
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This release marks the second single malt in Lochlea's Harvest Edition First Crop. Matured in a combination of ex-Port, ex-oloroso sherry and ex-bourbon casks, First Crop offers aromas of stewed apples, pear drops and oat biscuits that fill the nose, complimented by notes of ripe strawberries, viole..
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Brand: Anima Negra
The iconic flagship wine of Anima Negra. Primarily hand-harvested indigenous Callet grapes (95%) with a touch of Mantonegre and Fogoneu. Aged for seventeen months in French oak followed by one year in bottle. Wonderfully rich with layers of damson fruit, crushed blackberries, leather, violets, smoke..
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A rich redmade of 100% Tinta del País, the Tempranillo grape of the Ribera del Duero region, with grapes planted in the first vineyard of the domaine in the 1980's, carefully hand-picked and selected by family members only. Its colour is an elegant, deep cherry red, and its palate is fleshy and savo..
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A refreshing and smooth Japanese gin that perfectly captures the Japanese coastline in a bottle. Made from carefully selected botanicals, such as juniper berries, bitter orange peel, liquorice root, angelica, coriander, and fresh water and sea water from the Sea of Japan to make a truly unique gin.&..
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Brand: Two Stacks
Presenting the world’s first 43% whiskey in a can! Made with blended peated malt, it's non-chill filtered with no added colouring. It's complex with fruity flavours and is full of character. Perfect when you're on the go or out camping! ..
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The delicious Bunratty Mead in miniature form! This is a medium-sweet mead made from an ancient Irish recipe that includes ingredients of vine fruits, honey and herbs...
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A tasty, velvety-smooth Irish gin with lots of tropical fruit flavours! The third release from the multi-award-winning range, it's quadruple distilled for extra smoothness. Expect notes of mango, lime leaf, Szechuan pepper and rosemary. Best enjoyed neat, over ice or with tonic or soda water an..
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A 5cl bottle of this stunning smokey blended whiskey from Boann Distillery. This whiskey is a true callback to the Spaghetti Western days of old. It spent the first part of its life in ex-bourbon barrels and was finished in peated quarter casks for a minimum of 12 months, giving this whiskey a campf..
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A red made from 100% Petit Verdot at Los Aguilares. Always the last to be harvested, usually two months after the main harvest has begun, in order to guarantee its very best conditions. Bottled at 14%. It boasts herby, spicy, balsamic flavours, fresh and powerful with intense tannins...
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A mouthwatering blend of Sangioveto, Canaiolo, and a small proportion local grapes. It's bursting with floral and fruity notes that develop well over time. The texture can become quite velvety with some time in the bottle...
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A unique, Danish spirit inspired by the Robert Frost poem "The Rose Family". Bright, floral and sweet, it's made with a combination of pilsner malt, pearl barley and koji, using dried plum kernels and marigolds as botanicals. It boasts flavours of toasted almonds, marzipan and edible flowers. ..
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A 2016 vintage merlot full of wooded spice aromas. It is subtle and fleshy on the palate with a long tannic finish. Tastes great when served with grilled red meats or strong cheese. Has a long aging potential. Serve at 17 degrees...
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A floral and delicate liqueur with the pungent flavours of elderflower along with some fruity flavours of peach, apricot and grapes followed by hints of tea and honey. Great for an Elderflower Spritz and many Martini style cocktails. ..
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Dispense an accurate measure with the Solo Spirit Measure, ideal for both commercial and domestic bars...
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A coastal inspired Irish gin! Winner of gold at The Gin Masters 2021, it's made using 12 organic and wild botanicals such as pine needles, cubeb berries, orange and lemon peel and sea pink Maritima from local islands. ..
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