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Killahora Orchards

A Perry that has been wild fermented from Oldfield, Blakeney Red and Gin varieties of pear. Deliciously refreshing!..
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Johnny Fall Down Bittersweet Cider 2019
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This medium-dry cider has been carefully crafted by Killahora Orchards using a range of different apple varieties from their harvest from earlier lighter varieties to later ripening, rarer varieties. A complex cider that is full bodied with a slight tannic finish. The 2019 vintage also includes some..
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Johnny Fall Down Early Apples Cider
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Crafted using early ripening, rare varieties of apples from the Cork based orchards, Killahora. This cider is medium-dry with plentiful buttery, green and tropical fruit notes. ..
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Killahora Orchards - Dry Bottle Conditioned Bittersweet Cider
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The latest offering from Killahora Orchard! This is Killahora's first pure, dry cider made from 100% bittersweet apple juice, wild fermented, unfiltered and allowed to condition naturally in the bottle to a light sparkle. Acidic and complex, it's bottled at 6%. Perfect for summer days! ..
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Johnny Fall Down Late Apples Cider
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A BIG and complex cider, which has been created using late ripening, rare varieties of apples from the Killahora Orchards. They recommend this cider for red-wine drinkers due to it's complexity, but characteristically it would be a medium-dry cider...
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Killahora Pom O Apple Port
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From the Killahora Orchards in Co. Cork comes the Pom O Apple Port, crafted using rare apple varieties grown on-site. The juice from these apples has been blended with fine brandy before finishing in Irish Whiskey Barrels fro a minimum period of one year...
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Killahora Apple Ice Wine
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Made using rare, bittersweet apples mostly grown in the Killahora Orchards on the south-facing slopes of Co. Cork. The apples are frozen in order to evoke a rich, elegant must which is slowly fermented for over a year, forming a luscious balanced dessert wine...
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