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Killahora Orchards

Nestled in an estate which dates back to 1750 rural Cork, a small family business named Killahora Orchards is home to one 148 varieties of rare apples and 48 varieties of perry pear which they use in order to produce an array of fanscinating beverages — point Fine Perry, Apple Port and Apple Ice Wine.

Made using rare, bittersweet apples mostly grown in the Killahora Orchards on the south-facing slopes of Co. Cork. The apples are frozen in order to evoke a rich, elegant must which is slowly fermented for over a year, forming a luscious balanced dessert wine...
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A Perry that has been wild fermented from Oldfield, Blakeney Red and Gin varieties of pear. Deliciously refreshing!..
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The latest offering from Killahora Orchard! This is Killahora's first pure, dry cider made from 100% bittersweet apple juice, wild fermented, unfiltered and allowed to condition naturally in the bottle to a light sparkle. Acidic and complex, it's bottled at 6%. Perfect for summer days! ..
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This medium-dry cider has been carefully crafted by Killahora Orchards using a range of different apple varieties from their harvest from earlier lighter varieties to later ripening, rarer varieties. A complex cider that is full bodied with a slight tannic finish. The 2019 vintage also includes some..
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Johnny Fall Down Early Apples Cider
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Crafted using early ripening, rare varieties of apples from the Cork based orchards, Killahora. This cider is medium-dry with plentiful buttery, green and tropical fruit notes. ..
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Johnny Fall Down Late Apples Cider
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A BIG and complex cider, which has been created using late ripening, rare varieties of apples from the Killahora Orchards. They recommend this cider for red-wine drinkers due to it's complexity, but characteristically it would be a medium-dry cider...
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Killahora Pom O Apple Port
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From the Killahora Orchards in Co. Cork comes the Pom O Apple Port, crafted using rare apple varieties grown on-site. The juice from these apples has been blended with fine brandy before finishing in Irish Whiskey Barrels fro a minimum period of one year...
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