There's something undeniably special about the atmosphere of a great pub – the lively chatter, the clinking of glasses, and a skilled bartender crafting delicious drinks. But what if you could enjoy a similar experience without leaving the comfort of your own home? A well-stocked and equipped home bar makes this possible

So, let’s ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary! In this blog, we delve into the top 10 essential home bar accessories and how to use them, plus inspiration for delicious cocktails you can master in a short frame of time.

Top 10 Essential Home Bar Accessories

Imagine yourself as the star bartender of your social circle, impressing guests with your smooth cocktail-making moves and delicious concoctions. Having the right bar accessories means you can whip up everything from classic Martinis to tropical tiki drinks.

If you’re stuck on which accessories are a must-have, here are the top 10 essential home bar tools:

  1. Cocktail Shaker: Choose from the classic Boston cocktail shaker (two-piece) or the convenient Cobbler cocktail shaker (three-piece with a built-in strainer). This is your key to perfectly chilled and blended cocktails like Margaritas, Cosmopolitans, and more.

  1. Jigger: Cocktail recipes are all about ratios. This measuring tool, often double-sided with standard measurements, helps you pour with precision for consistent, delicious drinks.

  1. Bar Spoon : A bar spoon has a long, twisted handle that allows you to reach deep into glasses and pitchers. Perfect for stirring smoothly, layering cocktails, and even retrieving garnishes from jars.

  1. Strainer : No one likes shards of ice in their cocktail. A Hawthorne strainer (for shaken drinks) or a fine mesh strainer (for extra smooth results) ensures flawless presentation.

  1. Cocktail Bitters: These concentrated flavour bombs elevate simple drinks into something extraordinary. Start with essential Angostura aromatic bitters, then experiment with orange, grapefruit, or even unique flavors like celery or chocolate.

  1. Bottle Opener/Corkscrew: A sturdy corkscrew like the classic twin-lever design makes opening wine bottles a breeze. For many, this is easier to use than the waiter's friend style openers.

  1. Mixing Glass: A high-quality mixing glass is a go-to for stirred cocktails that you want to keep crystal clear.

  1. Muddler: A muddler is essential for releasing the essence of fresh ingredients. Choose wood for gentler muddling of herbs or a sturdier metal muddler for tougher items like citrus peels and spices.

  1. Ice Bucket : A stylish ice bucket keeps a good supply of ice close by, essential for chilling drinks on hot days or creating those shaken masterpieces.

  1. Citrus Juicer : Fresh juice makes a world of difference! A manual press-style juicer is a classic, while a hinged hand juicer can be quicker for lemons and limes.

Pro Tips for Mastering Your Home Bar Accessories

  • Shake It Up: Fill your shaker ¾ full of ice, add ingredients, then seal tightly. Shake vigorously with both hands for 15-20 seconds or until the shaker is frosty on the outside.

  • Measure with Confidence: Hold your jigger at eye level for accuracy. Most recipes use standard sizes like 30 ml, 45 ml, and 60 ml.

  • Stirring Secrets: Move your bar spoon in circles around the edge of the mixing glass, always in contact with the glass for a smooth stir. Stir until the drink is well-chilled but not overly diluted.

  • Bitters with Balance: Start with just a few dashes, taste, then adjust. Bitters are powerful, so you can always add more, but it's tough to take them away.

Cocktail Inspiration: Get Started with These Classics

Your new bar toolkit empowers you to explore the foundation of classic mixology. Perfect these simple yet sophisticated cocktails, and you'll have the skills to build upon your own delicious creations.

Refreshing and Simple:

Gin & Tonic: Combine your favourite gin with good-quality tonic water, a squeeze of lime, and plenty of ice.

Daiquiri: Shake a blend of white rum, fresh lime juice, and syrup until frosty cold.

Moscow Mule: A mix of vodka, spicy ginger beer, and a squeeze of lime, traditionally served in a copper mug.

Sophisticated and Stirred:

Martini: Combine gin (or vodka, if you prefer) with dry vermouth and a dash of orange bitters. Stirred, not shaken, of course!

Old Fashioned: Muddle a sugar cube with bitters and a splash of water in a glass. Add bourbon whiskey, and ice, and stir. Garnish with an orange peel.

Manhattan: Blend rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters for a smooth, timeless cocktail.

Ready to Take Your Home Bar to the Next Level?

With these essential accessories, you're ready to step behind your own bar and transform into the mixologist you were always meant to be. Experiment, taste, and get creative – the world of cocktails is your oyster. And remember, the best ingredient in any drink is the joy of sharing it with friends and loved ones.