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Explore our impressive liqueur selection, with just about every fruit or herb flavour you could possibly imagine!

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A superb Irish Cream that combines single batch dairy cream with Irish Whiskey, all sourced within County Cork. A true example of farm-to-table liqueu..
Ex Tax:€26.02
All the unique character of Jack Daniel’s No.7 Tennessee Whiskey coupled with crisp green apples! Bold, refreshing, and exceptionally smooth.  Ex..
Ex Tax:€34.96
An incredible Irish Cream Liqueur that is made using real dairy cream, Belgian white chocolate, and the best Irish Single Malt Whiskey. A winner of co..
Ex Tax:€21.95
Named after Tom Muldoon, a local healer and herbalist who successfully used Irish whiskey in many of his medicines and remedies. This sweet and warmin..
Ex Tax:€29.27
A wonderfully rich tipple made using the famed marula fruit fused with Ethiopian coffee to make this South African liqueur. Rich flavours of bitterswe..
Ex Tax:€17.48
Goldschlager Liqueur
Out Of Stock
Made in Switzerland, this unique cinnamon schnapps gained popularity in the 1990s and contains real 24 carat gold flakes. The name comes from the Germ..
Ex Tax:€27.64