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Bring the bar home with everything you could possibly need for re-creating the classics or for crafting something a little more artisan!

Cocktails & Mixers

The Nations Favourite Winter Warmer - All About...

After an apparent summer that comprised of a few sporadic scorchers and a couple of good weeks amidst a nationwide lockdown, we are indeed coming to the end of Irelands most unpredictable season.…

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Cocktails & Mixers

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The latest addition to the Angostura bitters range which includes Trinitario cocoa sourced from Trinidad and Tobago. Unrivaled for their bitters exper..
Ex Tax:€12.40
Another addition to Tails Pre-batched Cocktails which deliver on quality and authenticity with ease and speed. An eloquently crafted Espresso Martini,..
Ex Tax:€26.45
A tasty treat from the team at Bar 1661 in Dublin, whereby premium Irish gin has been mixed with cherry and violet liqueurs. Pour over ice and add a m..
Ex Tax:€28.93
A strongly flavoured bitters that is an alternative option to the market leader. Here the addition of angostura root, allspice and cinnamon are very n..
Ex Tax:€16.94
An Agave syrup that is great as a sweetener in beverages or desserts. We like to use this in a classic Margarita Cocktail or as the sugar source in an..
Ex Tax:€7.02
Named after the Greek god of love and said to include some botanicals with aphrodisiac qualities. This is a warming and seductive bitters which contai..
Ex Tax:€17.35