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Providing the inspiration for those special gift-giving moments, whether it be a personalised whiskey bottle, a decadent spirit or a last-minute gift voucher.

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A true reflection of Cattier's winemaking, the Brut Premier Cru is made predominantly with Pinot Meunier and has an intense fruit-forward character. T..
Ex Tax:€47.15
A beautiful collection of Redbreast Single Pot Still whiskeys which include 3 x 5cl samples of the 12 Year Old, 15 Year Old & Lustau edition from ..
Ex Tax:€26.83
Another fantastic addition to the award-winning PX I Love You series! This Celtic Whiskey EXCLUSIVE from Boann Distillery is a Single Cask that has ma..
Ex Tax:€134.15
A blend that demonstrates the true varieties of the island of Mallorca! Made from a blend of 65% Callet, 20% Manto-Negro - Fogoneu, and 15% Syrah. The..
Ex Tax:€26.02
Perfect for blind tastings and keeping the light out of your favourite whiskey. Tuath is named after Tuatha Dé Danann which is the old Irish for peopl..
Ex Tax:€12.15
A rich red all the way from Catalunya, Spain. It's created with a Bordeaux blend and boasts notes of blackcurrant, spice and black tea. Grape var..
Ex Tax:€48.78
Following an ancient Irish recipe, this makes use of vine fruits, herbs and of course, honey. Mead is the traditional drink of newly-weds and is where..
Ex Tax:€16.26
A beautiful gift set for fans of Clonakilty or Irish spirits in general! Contains 50ml samples of Double Oak, Single Grain Bordeaux, and Minke Gin– pr..
Ex Tax:€20.73