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Celtic 17 February 2021 0 116
 We’re back with the second instalment of the Bartender's favourite cocktail feature! This segment, as always, showcases the best in the Irish trade and their go-to drinks, providing you with inspiration for your home bar or eventually post-Covid for..
Celtic 2 February 2021 0 141
Cards? Flowers? Chocolates? All stereotypical Valentine's Day gifts and don't get us wrong what's not to like about a bouquet of roses or an indulgent box of Cadbury's Milk tray but nothing quite says Happy Valentine's Day like a tipple of your loved..
Celtic 14 January 2021 0 177
Whiskey might conjure up images of smokiness, a strong burning texture, and powerful, almost aggressive flavours. But whisk(e)y is far more than just that! Whiskey can be sipped neat, in a Manhattan, a whiskey sour, in a long drink—there are plenty o..
Celtic 4 January 2021 0 185
With one of the most collectively stressful years firmly behind us, there is much to look forward to in the coming months. Although government guidelines have been hitherto about as clear as a pint of Guinness, with recent developments and successes ..
Celtic 1 January 2021 0 295
The term fortified wine will likely evoke images of your grandmother cradling a cream sherry at Christmas or your posh uncle nosing his vintage port in the good room. As a result of such exclusive notions, and a multitude of other reasons of course..
Celtic 2 December 2020 0 192
Christmas is getting closer and so, us here at Irish Drink Shop have decided to put together a list of all the essentials you will need for the big day (and possibly the day after!) From sweet sherries to delicious liqueurs we’ve got you covered. Whe..
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