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From shakers to muddlers, to corkscrews and jiggers, we have it all when it comes to creating a professional cocktail bar!

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A large capacity Copper Plated Boston can (28oz) and tin (18oz) set. Great for busy bars where shaker capacity is an important consideration...
Ex Tax:€16.42
A double action waiter's friend style wine opener. Made from quality plastic and stainless steel. This is one of the most efficient and professional w..
Ex Tax:€1.46
These attractive copper plated jiggers will add a touch of class and bling to your cocktail bar. Maximum measure size is 60ml to the brim but there ar..
Ex Tax:€4.06
A heavy duty ice crusher that is perfect for any cocktail bar where a finer grain of ice is needed for frozen drinks etc. This comes with a removable ..
Ex Tax:€45.04
Step back into a bygone with this gloriously retro soda syphon. This 1 litre bottle is made of glass with an aluminium outer mesh. Does not include co..
Ex Tax:€70.33
A small and stylish dispenser bottle. This is ideal for busy bars who want to add a touch of style to their bitters and tincture stocks. Dimensions: 1..
Ex Tax:€6.91