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Wayward Irish Spirits

Batch 3 of the ever-popular Liberator Whiskey is here at last! Batch 3 has the signature big Tawny Port influence you would expect but is also an evolution of Batch 2, with a higher Cooley Single Malt component (25%). The younger Tawny Port finished Whiskeys have been married in cask for a further 6..
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The Liberator Small Batch Double Port Finish is a premium blended whiskey from Wayward Spirits. This blend has a high malt content of 42% and has been finished in Tawny and Ruby port casks creating a light and approachable but characterful whiskey with depth and complexity. Matured in Bourbon and fi..
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A unique single pot still! This delightfully smooth dram is made with barley from Hilly Field by Lough Leane in Killarney and distilled by GND Dundalk.  It has aged in a combination of premium casks (3 months ex bourbon, 40 months ex Premier Cru Bordeaux. 10% was finished in ex Peated..
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The Liberator Storehouse Special - Malt in Moscatel Finish Cask Strength
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An elegant 6 year old Double Distilled Malt finished in Moscatel Sherry casks for 8 months. The result is a delicious very floral, fresh, elegant and well balanced dram. There are 400 hand numbered 350ml bottles, of which 150 are for Ireland...
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The Liberator Storehouse Special Port N' Peat
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An exciting new release from Wayward spirits! Based on The Liberator Small Batch blend with an added Peated Malt element (5%) to highlight the Port finish without overpowering it. Made from a blend of 45% Malt content, principally 2015/6 GND with some 2006 Cooley, finished for 9-12 months in Tawny p..
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The Liberator Storehouse Special Small Batch Cask Strength
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A special limited edition release of The Liberator Small Batch Cask Strength. For this third batch release, the Malt components are mainly 2015 Great Northern which were matured in bourbon then finished for 9-12 months in a range of Tawny and Ruby Port casks. The Grain components were matured in bou..
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The Liberator Irish Malt Port Finish Batch 4
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A vatted Malt, comprising 22% 2006 Cooley Single Malt and 2015 Great Northern Single Malt, the Liberator Irish Malt Port Finish Batch 4 is a limited edition which follows on from the success of the Inaugural Release. The younger Whiskey spent 9-12 months in really fresh Tawny Port Casks, contributin..
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