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Boatyard Distillery

From county Fermanagh comes this great tasting gin that has been distilled in both pot and column stills. The juniper berries are treated in special process borrowed from the Dutch in which double contact with the spirit is achieved hence the term 'double gin'. This is a classic dry style gin with p..
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A superb vodka from the Boatyard Distillery which is located on Lough Erne near Enniskillen. This is made in a still they have named 'Dr Fusion' and is made solely from Irish grown wheat. Once made it is not filtered and left as it is with the subtle taste of grain. ..
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Boatyard Sloe Boat Gin
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A fantastic juniper-forward gin with intense flavours of plum and berry goodness! Created by steeping wild-harvested sloe berries for 6 months in Boatyard’s Double Gin and then sweetened with a homemade Fermanagh honeysuckle syrup to give the gin a more balanced and natural sweetness...
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Boatyard Winter Solstice Gin
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Country Winner for Flavoured Gin at the World Gin Awards 2021! A limited edition winter warming gin from the Boatyard Distillery, which we feel perfectly reflects all the flavours you would expect at Christmas! Enticing notes of juniper, Christmas pudding, and candied orange...
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