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Arran Distillery

A popular unpeated single malt in its brand new casing. Expect lots of dried apricot flavours with touches of vanilla and ginger spice. A simple, but very solid scotch!..
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Released in 2019, the Quarter Cask takes it's name from the American Oak quarter casks in which it has been finished in. Quite aromatic with flavours of tropical fruit and coconut...
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Carefully crafted using Sherry hogsheads from Jerez in Spain has resulted in a complex and rich Single Malt with flavours of dark chocolate and Christmas spice. Dates and sweet cherries also fill the senses. ..
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A fresh, light, and elegant no-age-statement Single Malt Scotch Whiskey that is matured 100% in first-fill Bourbon barrels! We recommend serving neat or in your favourite whiskey-based cocktail...
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The peated expression to come from the Isle of Arran Distillery, which takes its name from the rugged moor on the West side of the island. Quite peaty but not as smoky as its Islay counterparts, instead plenty of sweet honey, citrus and biscuity notes...
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A fantastic classic Arran Single Malt with a charming puff of peat smoke. This 10 year old release of Machrie Moor is bottled in very small quantities every year. Fully matured in 1st fill Bourbon Casks for 10 years and bottled at 46%, without chill filtration or added colouring. On the palate, this..
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A malty and somewhat spicy single malt release from the Isle of Arran distillery! Dedicated to the famed Scottish poet, Robert Burns. This beautifully packaged and easy-drinking bottling is officially endorsed by the World Burns Federation, making it perfect for Burns Night as well as any other time..
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Exclusively aged in Sherry casks, this 18 Year Old single malt from the Arran Distillery has wonderful notes of freshly baked creme brûlée, orange marmalade and Demerara sugar. ..
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This 25 year old is truly the jewel in Arran Distillery's crown. The whisky has been matured in ex-Sherry and Bourbon Casks since 1995 and finished for a year in Sherry Hogsheads.  Bottled at 46% Vol without chill filtration or the addition of any colouring. Flavours of fruit cake with toasted ..
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Arran 12 Year Old Cask Strength
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We enjoy a good cask strength whisky here at the Irish Drink Shop, and this 12 Year Old Arran certainly hits the spot! It has been aged in a mix of 1st and refill Sherry casks along with some Bourbon casks resulting in notes of spicy, dried fruit flavours and whisky marmalade notes...
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Arran 14 Year Old
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Matured in a mix of first fill ex-Bourbon and Sherry casks, this is one of our favourites from the Arran range. Flavours of roasted nuts, allspice and toffee apples can be detected on the palate...
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Arran Amarone Finish
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This is one of the members of the cask finish series from Arran. This has been initially matured in standard American oak barrels before being transferred in Amarone Della Valpolicella barrels. The master distiller then monitors these closely and bottles the whisky when he deems it ready to drink. T..
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Arran Port Cask Finish
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A fruity and powerful expression of Arran single malt that has been finished in the finest Port wine barrels. A great balance of sweet-fruity characteristics like their other classic Arran malts. Like all other Arran single malts, this is not coloured or chill-filtered. ..
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Arran Rare Batch Argonne Single Malt
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A special limited edition 15 year-old Arran! It has aged in special oak casks from the North East of France. It boasts spicy and vanilla flavours with a hubt of,nutmeg and citrus. Taste great neat! Only 3060 bottles! ..
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