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Great Northern Distillery

Here is the very first Pot Still Whiskey from An Fear Grinn. After aging in Bourbon casks for over five year, this fine single cask dram is then finished in Rye Casks for a citrus flavour with hints of green apples and rye. Only 210 bottles! ..
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An Fear Grinn presents this very special single cask limited release! This cask strength single grain has matured in classic Bourbon casks then transferred to Oloroso casks for a sweet flavour. It's rich and complex with delicious notes of plums, blackberries, citrus and liquorice with a hint of oak..
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The second addition to the ever-popular Móinteach series! It's a very accessible dram that's wonderfully peaty and bursting with bright tones of warm peat and fresh green summer fruits. Rich and well-balanced, it boasts spicy aromas with hints of grapefruit rind, verbena, fresh ginger, bro..
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A splendid blended Irish whiskey from Boston Bakers. Made from a combined blend of malt whiskies that have been aged in imperial stout and sherry casks. This blend is then matured in American oak bourbon barrels. The result is a blended whiskey with rich nutty fruit, caramel, vanilla, and malt flavo..
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The newest inaugural expression from An Fear Grinn --the smallest independent distillery on the island!Móinteach (meaning peaty) is matured in first-fill American Bourbon barrels then carefully selected and sampled to produce an accessible and beautifully balanced whiskey offering a distinctive expe..
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An Fear Grinn Against the Grain
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This Irish Whiskey is a peated single malt with a difference! A non chill-filtered, triple-distilled peated single malt, matured in a first-fill American Bourbon barrel at the Great Northern Distillery. Created by marrying (vatting) a precise amount of Imperial stout barrel malt, giving this whiskey..
Ex Tax:€52.03
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