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Echlinville Distillery

From the acclaimed Echlinville Distillery comes Weavers Dry Gin. An Irish take on the classic dry gin, this boasts notes of orange zest and tropical fruit. ..
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Echlinville Distillery has created another gem with this single malt! Aged in a Palo Cortado casks, it boasts notes of dried mango, apricots and stewed orchard fruits with sultanas, figs and stewed plums, with a medium dry, spicy finish with hints of nutmeg and clove. One to be savoured! ..
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Once made in Belfast's Royal Irish Distillery in the mid-1900, Echlinville Distillery has revived Dunvilles classic like this award-winning single malt! It has matured in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks is create a sweet, rich flavour. A superb whiskey that is bottled at 46% without chill-filtration..
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Although growing in popularity, we have here a fantastic smokey Irish Whiskey! Comprised of a Single Grain Whiskey, a 10 Year Old Single Malt & a 15 Year Old Oloroso Sherry finished Single Malt which have been married together in a peated cask, a less common technique in Irish Whiskey. Perfect f..
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Christened in respect of the ever-celebrated Belfast sink colloquially known as the ‘Jawbox. This classic dry gin is an ode to a time when the front door was left unlocked and the scullery was home to the heart of the kitchen, the big sink, where the craic was heard and unforgettable stories were sh..
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Echlinville Distillery presents this stunning offering to the Dunville's core range. Winner of multiple awards, it's rich and complex. Thanks to its maturing in oloroso casks, it boasts notes of red summer fruits, vanilla, candied orange peel, ginger cake and toasted almonds. An exceptional whiskey!..
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Country Winner for Best Contemporary Gin at World Gin Awards 2021! An artisan small-batch Irish Gin from Echlinville Distillery, Co Down. This is delicately infused with a carefully selected collection of botanicals including gorse flower petals and sweet kelp seaweed. As a result, you can expe..
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An exceptional release in the Single Cask series by Dunvilles. This limited and stunning 18 Year Old was finished in the finest Sherry Butt and bottled at cask strength. Offers gentle warming spices, indulgent Christmas cake flavours, and sherry and vanilla cream. Limited to just 661 bottles release..
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Jawbox Rhubarb and Ginger Gin Liqueur is a classic combination, sweet and tangy Rhubarb is balanced with warming ginger for a perfect balance of flavours. This classic garden vegetable (yes it’s a vegetable) has been grown in back yards and pots for generations. The tart fresh flavours are a perfect..
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Dunville’s 1808 is a modern blend of malt, grain, and pot still whiskeys. The name 1808 pays homage to the year Dunville’s Irish Whiskey was founded in Belfast, from where it went on to become one of the world’s most famous whiskeys. Boasts notes of vanilla, apples, pears, candied lemon peel and swe..
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Set your sights on this very unique and exciting limited edition release from Echlinville to celebrate the launch of Dead Island 2! Echlinville has released a modern blend of pot still, malt, and grain whiskeys aged in ex-bourbon casks. This one offers notes of buttery sweet vanilla, orchard fruits,..
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Dunvilles Three Crowns is a light a subtle blended whiskey which has been resurrected by Echlinville Distillery. This famous old brand was once made in the Royal Irish Distillery, Belfast. To recreate this, 3 fine aged whiskeys have been taken from 3 different cask types. A fitting concept for such ..
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A light, delicate and clean tasting vodka with a long, luscious finish. Made at the Echlinville Distillery, this unpretentious vodka is ideal for mixing, shots or in cocktails. ..
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Part of Aberfeldy's core range, the 21 Year Old sets a high benchmark for other 21 Year Old Scotch whiskies. This award-winning single malt has plentiful rich, sherry notes and is a perfect showcase of the richer end of Highland whiskies...
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A recent release from Jawbox, Jawbox Pineapple and Ginger Gin Liqueur is expertly balanced, with a perfect combination of sweet and spice, married with the unique botanicals of our classic gin...
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A fantastic offering from Dunvilles. A superb single malt that offers notes of warm spice, ginger, orange syrup and dates with undertones of fresh tobacco and warm winter spice. A great way to warm up! ..
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An exciting new release in Dunville's single cask series! Cask no. 989 was patiently finished in rare, decadent Palo Cortado sherry casks to produce a vibrant mix of earthy flavours complemented by delicious sweet notes. ..
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Bán Poitín
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One of the best Irish Poitíns available. This is distilled at the Echlinville distillery using barley, potatoes and sugar beet. Pronounced 'Bawn' it is made in traditional copper stills and bottled at an honest 48%. Bán makes an excellent 'Belfast Coffee' but can also be used for a huge variety of c..
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Dunvilles 19 Year Old Celtic Whiskey Shop Exclusive Cask
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A fantastic Celtic Whiskey Shop Exclusive" This 19 Year Old Single Malt was finished in a Madeira Cask and is the first Madeira Cask Finish whiskey in Dunville's portfolio. This thick, oily, syrupy, and complex whiskey fills your mouth with incredible summerfruit flavours and doesn’t let go! Limited..
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Dunvilles 20 Year Old Oloroso & PX Sherry Casks Finish
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The influence of the twin sherry casks are wonderfully balanced, with juicy, syrupy sweetness from the Pedro Ximénez perfectly enveloping the stunning depth and dryness of the Oloroso. Robust, chewy and rich, with initial notes of stewed pears, overly ripened soft red apples, candied orange peel, da..
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Dunvilles PX Cask 12 Year Old
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Dunvilles PX Cask 12 Year Old is a well rounded, expressive whiskey which is similar in flavour profile to Dunvilles 10 Year Old with the addition of finishing in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks...
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Feckin Irish Whiskey
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Produced by the owners of Echlinville Distillery in County Down, we have a smooth, easy drinking whiskey that is well balanced and works great in your favourite cocktail! ..
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Feckin Unbelievable Irish Gin
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Feckin Unbelievable Irish Gin is a refreshing citrus and herbaceous gin which makes use of juniper, coriander, angelica root, cassia bark and lemons...
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Little Feckers Gift Pack
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Well would you look at those Little Feckers! The gift pack contains 3 x 5cl samples Feckin Irish Whiskey, Feckin Irish Gin & Feckin Irish Vodka...
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