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Celtic 04 Jul 0 609
Happy Independence Day to our American friends! A day for fireworks, parades, barbecues, quality American spirits, and of course lots of partying! On July 2, 1776, the Second Continental Congress voted and declared the United States of America as ind..
Celtic 22 Mar 0 829
Our mothers have done so much for us. From dropping us to school, being a shoulder to cry on, making us top-notch Mammy-dinners and so much more! So, it’s only right we have a whole day to celebrate her (and only her!). So we’re raising a glass to al..
Celtic 07 Feb 0 921
The most romantic time of the year is just around the corner! Whether you’re spending the day with your other half, good friends, or your beloved pet, we’ve got the perfect tipples to help you celebrate the Feast of Saint Valentine. From wines to liq..
Celtic 20 Oct 0 625
Like we need an excuse to crack open a tasty bottle of gin, this October 19th is National Gin & Tonic Day and us here at the Irish Drink Shop are feeling gin-spired! Did you know that the word ‘gin’ derives from the Dutch word ‘jenever’ which transla..
Celtic 01 Apr 0 434
This April 9th, us here at Irish Drink Shop will be celebrating a day near and dear to our hearts: National Gin Day!The word ‘gin’ comes from the Dutch word ‘jenever’ which means ‘juniper’. The Dutch made spirits distilled with juniper berries since ..
Celtic 02 Feb 0 254
Cards? Flowers? Chocolates? All stereotypical Valentine's Day gifts and don't get us wrong what's not to like about a bouquet of roses or an indulgent box of Cadbury's Milk tray but nothing quite says Happy Valentine's Day like a tipple of your loved..
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