Like we need an excuse to crack open a tasty bottle of gin, this October 19th is National Gin & Tonic Day and us here at the Irish Drink Shop are feeling gin-spired! Did you know that the word ‘gin’ derives from the Dutch word ‘jenever’ which translates to juniper or rather a juniper-based liquor? The Gin and Tonic began in 1825 when British Army officers stationed in India began blending quinine with sugar, water, and gin as a means of staving off malaria. Little did they know they’d accidentally created this iconic cocktail! Since then, gin has had many a high and low but in recent years the love for the Gin and Tonic has grown tremendously. Since its inception, there are numerous different iterations, from adventurous takes to renowned classics, and this Gin & Tonic Day, we’re here to celebrate them all! So be sure to read up on some of our favourite gins and their perfect serves below! Cheers! 

1. Etsu Deep Ocean Gin

A refreshing and smooth Japanese gin that perfectly captures the Japanese coastline in a bottle. Made from carefully selected botanicals, such as juniper berries, bitter orange peel, liquorice root, angelica, coriander, and fresh water and seawater from the Sea of Japan to make a truly unique gin. It also comes in three other delicious flavours: Double Orange, Double Yuzu, and original.

Serving suggestion: Goes wonderfully with elderflower tonic and a slice of lime.

ABV: 45% | €47.50

2. Ha’Penny Rhubarb Gin

The sophomore release from Ha'Penny Gin is every bit as mouth-watering as it sounds! This Single Pot Still gin that has been infused with rhubarb and a plethora of thirteen other specially selected botanicals.

Serving suggestion: Mix it with tonic or soda water over ice with a slice of lemon

ABV: 41% | €39.99

An Irish gin that is all about the flavour! Inspired by the local hedgerows and wild woods of Co. Laois. This gin stands out among the crowd for its sweet freshness and high citrus flavour.

Serving suggestion: Mix it with sparkling water, lemon juice and two teaspoons of simple syrup for a delicious gin fizz! 

ABV: 43% | €35.50

Country Winner for Best Contemporary Gin at World Gin Awards 2021! An artisan small-batch Irish Gin from Echlinville Distillery, Co Down. This is delicately infused with a carefully selected collection of botanicals including gorse flower petals and sweet kelp seaweed. As a result, you can expect crisp zesty notes as well as floral and lavender aromas, supported by flavours of anise, juniper and coriander. Echlinville Gin is the only lrish gin to have been awarded the coveted Three Star rating at the Great Taste Awards. Describing Echlinville Gin as ‘exceptional’, ‘quite stunning’ and ‘truly outstanding’, the judging panel stated, 'In a world filling with gins, this one stands out.”

Serving suggestion: We recommend serving up this pot still gin with premium tonic, a wedge of lime and some fresh mint leaves.

ABV: 46% | €47.95

Gin Mare is a Mediterranean Gin that combines botanicals from various cultures around this region to create an unusual and distinct character. It includes botanicals like Basil from Italy, Thyme from Greece, Romero from Turkey and Citrus from Spain. Base botanicals Juniper coriander and cardamom all grown on the distillery's own farms. The name gin 'Mare' comes from the phrase 'Mare Nostrum' a universal concept to describe the special culture which exists in this part of the world. It includes a love for food, the pleasant climate and a lifestyle where time runs differently than the rest of the world!

Serving suggestion: Create a delicious Singapore Sling by mixing1 tbsp cherry brandy, ½ tbsp  Benedictine, ½ tbsp Cointreau, ½ tbsp pineapple juice, 50ml lime juice, 1 tbsp Angostura bitters a dash and maraschino cherry to garnish

ABV: 42.7% | €58.99 

A coastal-inspired Irish gin! Made using 12 organic and wild botanicals such as pine needles, cubeb berries, orange, and lemon peel, and sea pink Maritima from local islands.

Serving suggestion: Pair it with a premium tonic for an upgraded G&T, or with a simple dash of soda water over ice. 

ABV: 45% | €40.00

A big, full-bodied, and bursting with flavour gin. Up to half a pound of sloes are used in every bottle, with bundles of juniper berries, cassia, coriander, orange peel, and more. The overall result is one of bitterness with perfectly balanced sweetness, which comes from the almond extract used.

Serving suggestion: It tastes delicious over ice or with hot water or you can be super fancy and add it to some prosecco as an aperitif! 

ABV: 33.8% | €41.00

A gin that not only is very tasty but also has a great story! Named after the famous cow, Bertha who lived to the age of 48 and had 39 calves. This Irish gin has been crafted using whey instead of grain and distilled in small batches at Ballyvolane House in Co. Cork. A textured mouthfeel with hints of spices.

Serving suggestion: We recommend sipping this gin over ice or why not try in a gimlet!

ABV: 42% | €49.95

This wonderful gin is Ireland's first community-sourced gin. Created using traditional pot distilled gin and vacuum distilled spirit made from fresh mint and lavender grown in their reclaimed gardens in Dublin 8. The final recipe was blended and decided on with the help of their community of Social Botanists that planted the plants in the garden. An exceptional gin that offers fresh bursts of mint with a zesty citrus and floral finish.

Serving suggestion: Pair it with a good Vermouth for a delicious Martini or try it over ice with a slice of grapefruit!

ABV: 41% | €42.00

A delicious expression of Tanqueray's top-tier 'Number Ten' gin. This has the additional botanicals of rosemary and grapefruit added in the mix giving some pithy citrus notes along with the woody, herbal character of rosemary.

Serving suggestion: Try it with your favourite aromatic tonic for a refreshing cocktail!

ABV: 45.3% | €75.00

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