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Illva Disaronno

A classic Italian liqueur maker that comes in a distinct square bottle designed by a Murano glass craftsman. Disaronno is never labelled as an Amaretto, at least not these days as it does not contain any almonds. Instead, the secret recipe uses apricot kernels and a blend of seventeen herbs and fruits. Illva Disaronno originated in the town of Saronno and the liqueur and the makers claim that their heritage can be traced as far back as 1525.

There are many brands of Amaretto style liqueurs but Disaronno claims to be the original and states that its heritage can be traced all the way back to 1525. Unlike other liqueurs in this style it does not contain almonds, the bitterness comes from the kernels of apricots. Whilst a secret mix of 17 ..
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A famous old brand of coffee liqueur. Tia Maria was originally formulated in Jamaica using a blend of Jamaican rum and Blue Mountain Coffee. These days it is made in Italy by Illva Saronno, apparently using a concentrate of rum from Appleton Estate. Some vanilla, neutral spirit and cane sugar are al..
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The bittersweet taste of Disaronno blended with cream. This is a well-balanced and not overly sweet liqueur with flavours of apricots, cream and touches of bitter almonds. A great tasting liqueur that is incredibly more-ish. Best served neat over ice. ..
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