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Brand: Cocalero
The classic coca leaf spirit, made with an exotic mix of botanicals. These include Bolivian coca leaves, juniper, guarana, ginger and ginseng. This is great served in shots or in a Mojito in place of the rum. Made in Ireland!..
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Brand: Cocalero
Distilled in Bolivia at 12,000ft in the Andes. This is made using a wide range of botanicals including aji panca chillies, locoto pepper, guarana, lavender and coca leaf. ..
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Brand: Cocalero
A unique expression of Cocalero that sources botanicals from the markets of La Paz in Bolivia. In total there are at least 30 herbs and spices that are macerated together creating a delicious and complex spirit. The ingredients used include coriander, palo santo bark, eucalyptus and anís seed. ..
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Cocalero Resident Evil
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Brand: Cocalero
Cocalero Clasico presents this limited edition bottle in collaboration with the Netflix anime series RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness, which takes place in the same universe as the popular video game. This vibrant, mouthwatering spirit is made with coca leaf, ginseng, juniper, guarana, orange peel a..
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