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Off The Cuffe Bitters

A rather subtle bitters with the warmth of chocolate and the power of Teeling Distillery new make spirit. Unctuous, earthy and decadent in character, these are great in cocktails containing aged spirits such as rum, whiskey or brandy. ..
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A dry, complex and herbaceous bitters with botanical sourced from hedgerows. Made in Dublin, Off The Cuffe are located on King's Inn Street. Founders Jarrod Cuffe and Barry Gargan make handcrafted bitters using Irish Newmake Whiskey Spirit. ..
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Few things are as autumnal as barmbrack and the distinctive flavour is now captured in these Off The Cuffe bitters! It's deliciously sweet with notes of dried fruit and warm spices. A great way to spruce up your favourite festive cocktail! ..
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A tart and bitter concoction using marmalade oranges and other exotic ingredients along with a base spirit of unaged Teeling Distillery new make. These are useful for a huge range of cocktails including Martinis, Manhattans, Negronis and many more classics. ..
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An attractive gift set of the handcrafted Off The Cuffe range of cocktail bitters. Great for any budding mixologist. Each pack contains a bottle of each of the following: Off The Cuffe Hedgerow Bitters, Off The Cuffe Marmalade Bitters, and Off The Cuffe Chocolate Factory Bitters. ..
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Made according to a 700 year old recipe. This is essentially a flavoured Poitín and it was created by Chris Hennessy of the Dylan Bar in Cork and Jarod Cuffe the founder of Off The Cuffe Bitters. Best described as Christmas in a glass, this has flavours of dried fruits along with traditional winter ..
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Off The Cuffe Homeboy Irish Coffee Bitters 5cl
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Designed to give an extra dimension to your Irish Coffees or Espresso Martinis. These bitters were made in a collaboration between Off The Cuffe and Homeboy Bar in London. ..
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