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A husband and wife team, Mark and Vivienne Lucey, are the founders of Lineman Brewery in Rathcoole, Co.Dublin. Mark has been home-brewing for quite sometime and Vivienne has a great eye for design from being a Graphic Designer in her previously life. They produce an array of quality beers which are just that bit different. 

Brand: Lineman
A dark, malty stout which rich, full-bodied and complex in flavour, notes of freshly roasted coffee, dark chocolate and dried fruit flavours. ..
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Lineman Idle Red IPA
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Brand: Lineman
A terrifically balanced Red IPA with light caramel notes and the slightest hint of bitterness. Very drinkable and crisp on the palate...
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Lineman Phases Barrel Aged Stout
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Brand: Lineman
A tasty stout named after the phases of the moon to reflect the 10 months it spent maturing in ex bourbon barrels. Canned at 7.8%, it exceptionally smooth with hints of rich chocolate, vanilla, and oak spice. Perfect for warming up in front of the fire. ..
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Linemans Saga Tart Kveik
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Brand: Lineman
A wheat beer that is fresh and fruity on the palate. The use of the word 'kviek' refers to the type of Norwegian yeast that has been used in the brewing process which would have been traditionally used for brewing Norwegian farmhouse beer. ..
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