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Jean-Luc Baldes

This leading estate in Cahors in South West France has been owned by the Baldès family since 1830. Jean-Luc Baldès, the current owner has 57 hectares from which to make his portfolio of wines which includes small amounts of white and rosé although it is the red Cahors which shapes the estate reputation. To this end, the vineyards - some of which are of considerable age - are planted mainly with malbec grapes as well as merlot and tannat. The style is structured and generously flavoured.

Jean-Luc Baldes Cahors Au Coin Du Bois
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A fantastic introduction to French Malbec! With an abundance of red fruit flavours, notably red berry and sweet plum, this can be enjoyed immediately...
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Jean-Luc Baldes Cahors Clos Triguedina
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The name Clos Triguedina “Me Trigo de Dina” means “Longing to dine” in the ancient Occitane. The name of the family estate is reflected in this classic cuvée, made by the winery since 1830 and for 7 generations. A wine of consistency and high quality, preserving both its typicity and finesse...
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Jean-Luc Baldes Cahors Malbec Du Clos
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A family run business with roots in the area of Cahors dating back to 1830, knowledge has been passed down through the family for generations. This level of expertise is now used to produce such fine wines as are on offer today. Malbec Du Clos is a very fine red which features an abundance of r..
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Jean-Luc Baldes Cahors Petit Clos 2018
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A fantastic blend of Malbec and Merlot which is driven by former. As a result, this is fruity and full-bodied and can be enjoyed young but will benefit hugely from ageing to allow these fine flavours to develop and flourish. ..
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Jean-Luc Baldes Cahors Probus
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The name for this daring Malbec originates from a 3rd-century Roman emperor, Probus, who while in power, allowed winegrowers to plant vineyards once more in the area of Quercy. An excellent exemplar of Cahors wine and a reference for the Malbec grape. Rich, dense yet elegant, Probus is a landmark in..
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Jean-Luc Baldes Cahors The New Black Wine
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This wine takes inspiration from a wine-making technique which dates back to the Middle Ages. Vin Noir or Black Wine was a wine favoured by the English Royal Courts and was produced by heating part of the grapes. In an attempt to revise this technique, one that has not been in use for centuries, &nb..
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