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Fritz Wassmer

Fritz Wassmer is recognised among the top winemakers in Baden since the release of his internationally acclaimed Pinot Noir. His family has been involved in viticulutre and agriculture for generations in the village of Schlatt and this is where he was first introduced to work in the vineyards The winery was founded in 1998 and has grown to produce Chardonnay, Pinot blanc, Pinot gris, Auxerrois, and Frühburgunder. In recent years he has added plots with Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and (very rare in Germany) Viognier.

An elegant fruity rose with notes of strawberry and red currants with playful freshness of pink grapefruit and lime. A charming summer wine. This is perfect as an aperitif, with hearty salads and pasta dishes...
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The 2016 release of Fritz W XXL Spatburgunder. This Pinot Noir "XXL" is the flagship of the winery. Expect wonderful flavours of black cherry, blackberry, well-integrated tannins, and a delicately spicy finish. Matured in new oak barrels for 18 months. Harmonizes perfectly with game o..
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A full and strong German wine, characterized by the aroma of fully ripe grapes. Showcases all the beauty of a cool climate Pinot Gris. Expect tropical fruit flavours (pineapple, mango, pears) with sweet oak and a slightly nutty hint. Long and dense. Pairs well with pork, spicy food, mushrooms, and c..
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Fritz W Spatburgunder Rose 2021 is a dry and medium-bodied Rosé with underlying sweetness, firm minerality and crisp acidity. From first taste, the typical flavours of a  Spätburgunder from Baden become evident but with added raspberry, grapefruit and plums but also some spiciness which is rare..
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A full-bodied, juicy, and well-balanced Spatburgunder which is less sweet than its other counterparts from the same region. Smokey and somewhat spicy with juicy red fruits on the palate. ..
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A super dense and buttery Pinot Blanc which is gently oaked, leaving a taste and texture unlike other Pinot Blancs. Smooth layers of cream, honey, citrus, and green herbs. Long and dense with a slightly bitter finish. Pairs great with salmon, shellfish, mild cheese, and cured meats...
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A big and complex German Pinot. Lots of smoke, vanilla, and red fruit on the nose, with hints of leather and herbal notes. Compact and highly dense on the palate with lots of tannins. Finishes with a good amount of acidity without protruding and sweet with some spice (clove and cinnamon)...
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Grown in the Kaiserstuhl area, near a former volcano. The soil consists of cooled lava and black-grey volcanic weathered rock, which gives this wine a complex, mineral, and spicy flavour with salty notes and the aroma of smoky flint. Lovely flavours of roasted walnuts, vanilla, and ripe apricots...
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An elegant, fruity German Chardonnay and comparable to a good quality white Burgundy. Lots of oak with hints of peaches, pear, and clove with a long and powerful finish. Pairs great with pork, fish, and vegetarian dishes...
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A very light and refreshing German Pinot Blanc. Perfect for a warm summer's day! Rich pear and apple flavours with a hint of nuts in the finish. Best paired with lighter foods...
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A fabulous German wine set presented in a beautiful wooden box. The ideal Christmas gift or wedding gift, or fans of quality German wine in general. This gift set includes Fritz W Weisser Burgunder: A very light and refreshing German Pinot Blanc. Perfect for a warm summer's day! Rich pear and a..
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A top-notch wine from what some proclaim to be the "Tuscany of Germany". In this favourable climate, the Pinot Gris from the Waßmer family develop into excellent qualities. Expect notes of nuts, ripe pears, and dried fruit. A pleasant companion for hearty dishes...
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Produced from over 45 year old plants in the Badel region of Germany. The very low yields of the vines grown on limestone are characteristic. Full of finesse and elegance with fine fruit and fully ripe tannins...
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A ripe and juicy Pinot Noir with a firm and deep nose. Slightly floral and slightly vegetal with ripe red berries, spicy nuances, some mineral notes and a hint of bacon. On the palate, expect lots of juicy fruit, wood, very fine tannins, and some acidity on the palate. Overall a good quality wine wi..
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