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Connacht Whiskey Company

A small batch, double distilled single malt made from 100% malted Irish barley, patiently matured for four years in ex-Bourbon casks and finished in Jerez casks. Boasts incredible vanilla and spice notes complemented by notes of dried fruits, lingering walnuts and honey, and a full-bodied finish...
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Distilled onsite at the Connaught Distillery in traditional copper pot stills. This is made using malted barley as the base ingredient and the result is a great tasting Poitín that can be drunk straight or in a variety of cocktails. Bottled at 45%. ..
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The first gin released from The Connacht Whiskey Company. The gin contains a variety of Irish botanicals including elderberry flower and hawthorn berry. The gin was produced by award winning gin maker, Robert Castell. It contains strong notes of juniper and hints of berry on the nose and is bottled ..
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We have here another fantastic limited release from Connacht Whiskey Company. Limited to a mere 1600 bottles, Spade & Bushel 5 Year Old Amarone Cask has been aged primarily in select bourbon casks for a period of 4 years before finishing in a selection of Amarone wine casks sourced from the..
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A multi award winning vodka from Connacht Whiskey Company. This super premium vodka is made using wheat not potatoes as the area around the distillery is more suited to the growing of grain. Each batch is distilled in a copper pot still and the result is a silky smooth vodka with a rich mouth-feel.&..
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A limited-edition release from Connacht Whiskey Distillery, this is composed of a 4-year-old grain whiskey which has been finished in port casks...
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Brothership 10 Year Old Irish-American Whiskey
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We have here a unique collaboration between the Connacht Whiskey Company in Ireland and New Liberty Distillery in Philadelphia. This units whiskey from the two countries to create a fascinating 10-Year-Old blended whiskey which the makers describe it as having the big flavour of American whiskey wit..
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Conncullin Cask Aged Irish Gin
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A fine pot still distilled Irish gin made in small batches from the Connacht Whiskey Company. This gin is made from juniper, hawthorn, elderberries and other botanicals before being aged in oak casks, giving it a pleasant warmth and well-rounded mouthfeel to the spirit...
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Spade & Bushel 10 Year Old Cask Strength 37.5cl
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Spade & Bushel 10-Year-Old Cask Strength is the first release to come from the Connacht Whiskey Company, and what a way to make an entrance! This award-winning limited release is comprised of 10-Year-Old single malt whiskey which has been bottled at 57.5% and is limited to a mere 5000 bottles.Th..
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Spade & Bushel 12 Year Old Double Barrel
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Spade & Bushel 12 Year Old Double Barrel is the second addition to the Spade & Bushel range, produced by the Connacht Whiskey Company. This limited release single malt is finished for a period of 2 years in ex-Bourbon barrels in a warehouse located on the west coast of Ireland, lending idios..
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