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Cantina Tramin

Winemaker Willi Stürz was awarded the coveted accolade of 'Oenologist of the Year' by Italy's Gambero Rosso in 2004. Tramin is a Cooperative that can trace its roots back to 1898 when Christian Schrott, parish priest of Tramin and later Member of the Austrian Parliament, founded the cooperation in order to protect the livelihood and future of the wine producers from this mountain area. They currently represent over 300 growers who follow its' strict directives on the cultivation of vines.

It covers 250 hectares of vineyards, sited on sun-bathed slopes with an altitude of between 250-700m above sea-level. They are one of the top producers of white wines in Italy. The release of the Gambero Rosso in 2011 marked another milestone for the winery as it has now been awarded 20 Tre Bicchieri, which is testament to the skill of Willi Sturz.

The grapes are grown at an altitude of 400 meters providing the grapes with a brilliant natural acidity and the huge swings between day and night temperatures are ideal for them to ripen with a deep concentration of flavour. This is a superb value for money Pinot Grigio and represents the terroir of..
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“Selida” meaning “small farmstead” in Old German is a tribute to the longstanding culture of smallholdings that still constitute the strength of Cantina Tramin. Expect a wealth of flavours including flowers, dried herbs, ripe exotic fruits such as lychee, mango, and a generous amount of passion frui..
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The grapes for this wine are grown at an altitude of 350 meters and get very generous exposure. There are big swings between day and night temperatures which is ideal for ripening grapes with great concentration.  ..
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Grown at an altitude of 450 meters and manually harvested, this variation of the international Pinot Noir variety displays characteristics that are unique to the northern Italian terroir...
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The Cantina Tramin Moriz is named after the patron of a small village above Tramin. The grapes grow at an altitude of 550 meters and the extreme shifts in temperatures between day and night are perfect for the grapes to thrive in. ..
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Nussbaumer is the jewel in the crown of Cantina Tramin and its is right up there with the best Alsatian Gewurztraminers. Nussbaumer is the most awarded Gewurztraminer in Italy. The wine, while drinking well now, has ageing potential for the next 20+ years with careful cellaring. ..
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The is an award winning wine from Cantina Tramin and has received very high critical praise in recent years. It can be enjoyed now or aged carefully for the next 10 years for more mature flavours.  ..
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This is a wine of extremely high standards with complexity far beyond what you might expect from a standard Pinot Grigio. The first vintage was produced in 1989 and has received critical acclaim ever since. It has ageing potential for the next 6 to 10 years with careful cellaring...
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Stoan is a very unique blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc and Gewurztraminer and demonstrates the wonderful creativity of the Cantina Tramin winemaker. The grapes are grown at an altitude of mostly 600 meters in mineral rich soils, helping to produce one of Italy's finest and most exp..
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This late harvest Gewurztraminer is a a dessert wine with incredible depth of flavour and striking balance. The grapes used are dried until December and fermented in small French oak barrels for a period of 12 months. After bottling the wine is matured for a further 2 months before release. This win..
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Cantina Tramin Gewurztraminer
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The Gewurztraminer grape has a deep rooted history in Tramin, northern Italy. The combination of climate, altitude and terroir suit the grape perfectly and allow it to express its wonderful typicity. The generous exposure and cool breezes bring the grapes to ripeness each year with amazing concentra..
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Cantina Tramin Lagrein
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Lagrein is an indigenous grape variety to the Alto Adige. It evokes wonderful aromas of the region in the glass and this bottling from Cantina Tramin is no exception. ..
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Cantina Tramin Pepi Sauvignon Blanc
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This international grape variety suits the climate and terroir of northern Italy. The altitude of Cantina Tramins vineyards coupled with the large difference in day and night temperatures, bring out the freshness and intense aromatic nature of Sauvignon Blanc. ..
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Tramin Goldmuskateller Moscato Giallo
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A hard to find release from Cantina Tramin. The grapes come from vineyards planted between 250 and 550 meters in calcareous clay and gravel soils from the areas of Tramin and Egna, resulting in a white, flinty wine boasting a gentle sweetness. Pairs wonderfully with pastries, traditional strudel, an..
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