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Bodegas Tradicion

Bodegas Tradicion is the only Jerez winery that exclusively bottles very old wines that are a reference to each of the sherry styles, and that are capable of satisfying all the senses. Their products are free of sweeteners, colouring, and sulfites.

Their wines are fantastic alone or accompanying different dishes because their ability to harmonize gastronomically goes far beyond the aperitif or dessert. It is very important that it is served slowly in a wide wine glass, Burgundy or Montrachet type, that the flavour and the full range of aromas they offer are enjoyed.

A fantastic young, sweet PX sherry, this has an average age of 22 years. Fresh and fruity with prominent dried fruit flavours, this is made using the same ageing methods as those of solera wines and by means of oxidative ageing. A viscous, velvety liquid with extraordinarily intense and rich aromas...
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A highly recommendable blend of 30% youthfully fruity PX and ancient dry, nutty Oloroso. This is quite literally bursting with complexity and rich, seductive aromas. Beautifully textured this is the perfect off-dry wine and to compare it with an ordinary cream sherry does little justice...
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This traditional Jerez wine has a stunning array of developed flavours to offer. Crafted using oxidative ageing process (with no flor and in total contact with the oxygen), this uses exclusively palomino grapes. The result is a confident, balanced and versatile wine which is gentle yet rich in flavo..
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Another very fine sherry from Bodegas Tradicion, this amontillado, with an average of over 43 years of age, is the result of a blend of a selection of soleras from Jerez, El Puerto de Santa María and Sanlúcar de Barrameda, and has some unique characteristics...
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Bodegas Tradicion Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Reserva
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A Gran Reserva Brandy de Jerez that has been aged for over 20 years in American oak oloroso Sherry barrels. The spirit was sourced from the best 'Holondas' (pot still eaux-de-vie) and 'aguardente' (column still eaux-de-vie). Currently the average age in each bottling is actually over 25 years old. T..
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Bodegas Tradicion Brandy Platinum
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A hugely impressive Spanish brandy with full-on flavours and a richness not normally encountered with grape spirits. This is aged for up to 50 years in Pedro Ximenez Sherry barrels with the original distillate coming from wines made with the Palomino Fino grape variety. Flavours of walnuts, dark cho..
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Bodegas Tradicion Fino
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A fine example of the versatility of the fine style. This has a relatively low ABV which creates a delicate and subtle wine which is not overwhelmed by high alcohol content. ..
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