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Bodega Mustiguillo

A modern yet traditional red wine made by the Mustiguillo Vineyards & Winery. This winery, located in Utiel (Valencia), produces wines from a single plot, the Terrerazo, about 87 hectares of vineyards and other crops.  The uniqueness of this wine is achieved with the use of the local Bobal ..
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An incredible red wine from Valencia produced by the Mustiquillo winery. Finca Terrerazo is 100% made from Bobal variety, a native variety that the winery has tried to recover. The grapes come from old vines between 40 and 65 years in low production vineyards. Made in a traditional winemaking proces..
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La Garnacha de Mustiguillo is a red wine produced by Bodegas Mustinguillo in Utiel, Valencia, under the D.O.P. Terrerazo. Made from 100% Garnacha. Aged for 10 months in French oak barrels. Fresh and airy profile with great fruity and oak notes. Pairs great with stew, lamb, fatty fish, cured cheeses,..
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Finca Calvestra 2019
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A fantastic wine from Valencia, Spain! The vineyard is cultivated organically at 800 metres of altitude, on sandy-clay soils, on a layer of limestone, influenced by the Mediterranean climate. Creamy, elegant and fresh with flowery notes on the nose and palate. Pairs great with sauce-based meals, sea..
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Mestizaje Blanco 2019
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A young white organic wine from Terrerazo that is a true 'wine of the countryside'. Made from a blend of Merseguera (60%), Viognier (35%), and Malvasia (5%). The vineyards, which are located at more than 900 metres of altitude, are grown by organic viticulture with goblet and a trellis and occupy ab..
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