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Blacks Brewery & Distillery

As the name suggests, this is wonderfully smoky Irish whiskey! Boasting sweet oak, honey and heather on the nose with a velvety-smooth palate with lots of toffee and dark stone fruit notes with a long, peaty finish. Bottled at 43%, definitely one for smoky whiskey fans! ..
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Why choose between a quality IPA and an Irish whiskey when you can have both! This adventurous Single Malt was aged in Blacks IPA beer casks to give a wonderful, light zesty mouthfeel screaming all things Galaxy Hops. Finishes with beautiful delayed notes of caramel, licorice, and cloves...
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Blacks Maple Mayhem Blend is a superb, limited edition expression. Matured in maple bourbon casks for a sweet finish, this blended whiskey boasts warm sugar notes with hints of smoke, vanilla, maple caramel on the nose with flavours of Maple coated nuts, cinnamon pancakes and spice with a ..
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Check out this limited edition bottling from Blacks Distillery in Kinsale, County Cork. This 8 year old single grain Irish Whiskey has aged in casks of tripple-hopped Ace of Haze Hazy IPA. Expect notes of hops and malts from the IPA. Try it over ice or neat. ..
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Blacks Kinsale Pale Ale
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A very easy drinking Kinsale Pale Ale from Blacks Brewery, which has been brewed using both Cascade and Citra hops. Incredibly clean and crisp on the palate with grapefruit flavours as well as tropical fruits and malty sweetness...
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