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Saison Rum

Brand: Saison Rum
A 5cl offering of this powerful rum! Offers plenty of rich dried fruit flavour, vanilla, and spicy notes. Jerome Tessendier, the cask master has created this rum using four key steps; origin, ageing, finishing, and blending. This rum is made of distillates from 3 distinct terroirs in the Caribbean I..
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Brand: Saison Rum
Think plentiful notes of dried fruit, caramel, manuka honey and exotic spices. This rum is a blend of three different terroirs; Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad which have been primarily aged in American white oak casks for upto eight years before being finished for twelve months in French oaks barrel..
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Brand: Saison Rum
A fresh, fruity and floral rum which is comprised of distillates from Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica which have then been blended and aged for three months in French oak barrels on the banks of the Charente River...
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Brand: Saison Rum
Jerome Tessendier is renowned for making delicious Cognacs and has decided to turn his hand to making exclusive, rather interesting speciality rums. The Saison Rum was one of his first rum expressions where three distillates from Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica were blended and then aged in French oa..
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Brand: Saison Rum
Similar to its sister expression the Triple Cask Barbados Rum, this expression is a blend of Trinidad distillates which have been aged in American oak barrels, then 24 months in medium grain French oak barrels and finally fine grain French oak barrels. A limited edition which is limited to 1476 bott..
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Brand: Saison Rum
Limited to just 1476 bottles, the Saison Triple Cask Barbados Rum is comprised of different distillates from the island of Barbados which have been aged in American oak barrels, then 24 months in medium grain French oak barrels and finally fine grain French oak barrels...
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Brand: Saison Rum
A unique rum carefully crafted by Jerome Tessendier — distillates from Barbados and Trinidad have been aged for a minimum of five years in Ex-bourbon barrels before being married together in Cognac casks for 12 months and finally finished in Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks for an additional 3 months. Thi..
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Brand: Saison Rum
A beautiful combination of the tropical flavours of Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica. This superb rum has matured in ex cognac barrels for a minimum of ten years. It delightfully full-bodied with sweet, vanilla aromas and flavours of flambéed banana. ..
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