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Origin Spirits

Origin Spirits was founded in 2013 by Patrick Shelley, a longtime veteran of the fine spirits industry. In his drive to create a more enjoyable vodka, he returned home to his native Ireland and produced one himself.

Located in West Cork, Origin Spirits produces two unique spirits, both from locally-grown barley.  The south coast of Ireland is perfect  for growing crops like barley with its temperate, soft climate and the Atlantic seawater. What fresh Atlantic rainfall that doesn’t water the barley filters underground, where it spends hundreds of years being purified by the porous rock.

While Ireland is better-known for its whiskeys, this new, young distillery proves that there is more to discover from the Emerald Isle.

Currach Founders Cask Strength Irish Single Malt
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The Currach Founders Cask Strength Irish Single Malt is a limited release which follows on from the success of the Currach Irish Single Malt. Limited to just 220 bottles, these have each been hand filled and hand numbered at a cask strength. The aspiration behind this release was to create the perfe..
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Currach Kombu Single Malt
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Named after a traditional Irish boat which dates back to Neolithic times, Currach Irish Single Malt is the first whiskey to be finished in seaweed charred casks. Originally matured in ex-Bourbon casks, this is then finished in seaweed charred virgin oak casks, supporting a multi-layered flavour prof..
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Currach Single Malt Atlantic Wakame Seaweed Western Herd Cask Finish
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Currach and Western herd join forces to create this unique whiskey experience - the first single malt to be finished in seaweed-charred casks. It's made with 100% Irish malted barley, it is a triple distilled single malt Irish whiskey, initially matured in 1st fill American oak ex-bourbon barre..
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Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey - Founders Wakame Cask Strength
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Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey is a true innovation in the world of whiskey and the first to be finished in seaweed charred casks. To celebrate this unique creation, Currach have released a limited edition series of 'Founders' Cask Strength bottlings. These bottles have been drawn from the very f..
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Kalak Irish Vodka
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Formulated after almost three years of trials, Kalak was launched in 2015 and takes its name from the Celtic Queen of winter. Kalak is made using malted barley and is distilled four times in pot stills in West Cork. ..
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Kalak Peat Cask Malted Barley Vodka
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A creamy and chocolaty vodka that has been made solely from malted barley. Uniquely this has been briefly aged in a cask that was charred over a peat fire. This was formulated through three years of distillation trials and is distilled four times in pot stills at West Cork Distillery. A great vodka ..
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