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Havana Club

Brand: Havana Club
A reimagining of the classic rum! Havana Club Verde is a citrus-forward, herbal rum from made with a combination of botanicals. A delightfully complex rum with tart notes of rosemary and vanilla and the freshness of grapefruit along with a combination of slightly grassy notes and sweet spice.A wonde..
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Brand: Havana Club
Gold medal winner 2021 and 2022 in the Rum & Cachaca Masters! This hugely popular light Cuban rum which has been aged for three years. It works exceptionally well in cocktails and with a wide variety of mixed drinks!..
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Brand: Havana Club
A dark rum that is great for mixing with your favourite mixer or in a cocktail, extremely versatile with lots of flavour. Aged just enough to add some welcome depth and richness without becoming too heavy and overpowering...
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Brand: Havana Club
Well balanced with rich, complex notes of vanilla, toasted oak and toffee apples. An extremely well known brand that demonstrates great quality...
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Havana Club 15 Year Old
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Brand: Havana Club
A hard to find expression of Havana Club that has been aged in the warm Cuban climate for an incredible 15 years. The distillery does not hold a large amount of extra matured stock like this so these bottlings are very rare. One to sip slowly, perhaps with a Cuban cigar if you are so inclined. ..
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