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Bristol Distilling Co

Founded in 2017, Bristol Distilling Co sets itself apart in how it thinks, the way it goes about things, the drinks it creates, and how it expresses itself.

Bristol Distilling Co prides itself on going off the beaten track to somewhere no-one’s been before to create their own blends and ideas, unfettered by conventions and traditions. Using a mix of what has worked for older distilleries and adding their own ideas, Bristol has set itself apart to create a modern gin that stands out in its own right.

A rum that has been aged in American oak to create a lighter style that is perfect for mixing. The palate is full of fruit with good wood balance leading to a lingering finish with well-controlled spirit...
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A traditional rum which has been produced by the Diamond Distillery in Georgetown. Beautiful soft fruity notes with oak and caramel flavours...
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From Bristol Spirits, this expression is a blend of young rums from Trinidad which works exceptionally well in cocktails or mixed drinks...
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Produced by the Société du Rhum Barbancourt whom make the finest rum in Haiti. This double distilled rum has been matured in French Oak and sent to the UK to be further aged in ex-Bourbon wood and matured in cool warehouses. Notes of soft juicy fruits, vanilla and toffee...
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Bristol Black Spiced Rum
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A spiced rum from Bristol Spirits which was originally produced for the Scandinavian market where salt liquorice is very popular. Lots of Christmas cake flavours, marmalade and brown sugar...
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Bristol Caroni Vsoc 10 Year Old Rum
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Caroni's 10 Year Old top range rum which is a blend of both heavy and light rums which have been aged for a minimum of 10 years. The rums hand picked for this expression have had additional ageing hence VSOC — Very Special Old Casks. We couldn't recommend this rum's drinking history!..
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