We’re back with the seventh instalment of Bartender’s Favourite and just in time for National Mai Tai Day! This iconic tiki cocktail was supposedly invented on August 30, 1944 by Victor J. Bergeron at his restaurant, Trader Vic's, in Oakland, California, USA. He put together the drink for his Tahitian customers. After trying the tasty drink, one of them exclaimed “Maitaʻi!” which roughly translates to “Excellent”

The cocktail was later introduced in Hawaii nine years later when Bergeron created a cocktail menu for the Matson Company hotels, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and Moana Hotel. It became such a hit, it was called the "top tourist tantalizer" in 1959 and soon gained traction all over the world. 

Here’s how to make it! 


45 ml Bacardi white rum

25 ml Cointreau 

25 ml Lime Mixer

15 ml Monin Orgeat Almond Syrup 

50 ml fresh pineapple or orange juice

15 ml Plantation Original Dark Rum


Step 1: Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, then add all the ingredients. Shake for around 20-30 seconds until the liquid is well chilled. 

Step 2: Strain into a tumbler glass filled with cubed or crushed ice and garnish with a maraschino cherry or orange wheel.

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