National Vodka Day 2021 is here and what better way to celebrate than with your favourite bottle of the age old spirit? It's believed that vodka was invented in Eastern Europe sometime in the Middle Ages and became an international staple in the twentieth century. Although Russia might be better known for its vodka brands, Ireland has also produced many great vodkas over years. Many of them have their own unique Irish twist to them, such as peat-aged vodka and Irish potato vodka. Some are even inspired by our country's rich culture and landscape!

So, be sure to browse our selection below and pick up an old favourite (or be adventurous and try a new one!)

1. Dingle Vodka

First on the list is one of Kerry's finest - Dingle Vodka. A winner of multiple awards, Dingle Vodka is initially distilled four times in column stills before a final fifth distillation at the distillery in a copper pot still. All this is done in small 500 litre batches. It is very smooth and creamy tasting with just a hint of sweetness. Try it from straight up over ice or direct from the freezer. Alternatively, it can be enjoyed in a huge variety of cocktails.

ABV: 40% | €43.99

2. Kalak Irish Vodka 

Formulated after almost three years of trials, Kalak was launched in 2015 and takes its name from the Celtic Queen of winter. Kalak is made using malted barley and is distilled four times in pot stills in West Cork. Boasts an elegant texture with hints of biscuit, dark chocolate, cream, and candied fruit, finishing with a soft and glowing lingering complexity.

ABV: 40% | €32.00

3. Kalak Peat Cask Malted Vodka

Another fantastic vodka from Ireland's Kalak! This tasty tipple has aged in a cask that was charred over a peat fire. A creamy and chocolaty vodka that has been made solely from malted barley. This was formulated through three years of distillation trials and is distilled four times in pot stills at West Cork Distillery. A great vodka for Martini-style cocktails. 

ABV: 40% | €48.50

4. Raven Rock

Raven Rock is a very special vodka as it's inspired by the Irish sea crashing on the shore - what could be more refreshing than that? This premium organic vodka is filtered five times through silver for total purity and the cleanest taste. Silky smooth and clean. Makes for a great backbone to any vodka-inspired cocktail.

ABV: 40% | €29.99

5. Zesty Citrus Vodka Lough Ree Distillery

If you're looking for something on the fruity side, Zesty Citrus Vodka Lough Ree Distillery is your best bet! Made in the heart of the Midlands in the Lough Ree Distillery, this tangy tipple won Best Irish Vodka at the Irish Whiskey Awards 2019. Every batch is distilled with fresh organic oranges, pink grapefruit, lemons and limes using a base spirit made from pure Irish whey.

ABV: 37.5% | €38.00

6. Highbank Orchards Organic Apple Vodka

Another delicious and fruity number is Highbank Orchards Organic Apple Vodka. Hailing from Kilkenny,  it's made using apples grown on the Highbank farm and forms the base spirit for all their other spirit drinks. It's a delicious basis for cocktails. Perfect for autumn days.

ABV: 40% | €62.99

7. Ballykeefe Potato Irish Vodka

A gem of a vodka from Kilkenny. Distilled at Ballykeefe through the company's copper pot still and column system. An impressive six distillations are used to create a superbly smooth and silky vodka with a creamy texture. As the name suggests, this is made from potatoes which are ideally suited for the production of Irish vodka. 

ABV: 40% | €37.00

We hope you enjoyed our blog post and you are able to find the perfect Irish vodka, whether it's on the rocks or mixed in your favourite cocktail! You can find our full range of Irish vodkas on Irish Drink Shop.

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