Happy Daiquiri Day and welcome to the sixth instalment of our Bartender’s Favourite cocktail feature! Each year on July 19th, people across the world fill their glasses with this mouthwatering tropical cocktail! It was first created in the small mining town of Daiquiri near Santiago, Cuba by an American engineer named Jennings Stockton Cox in 1898. He invented the drink in an effort to cool down during the long, hot weeks of summer, using a simple blend of lime juice, sugar and local rum over ice. He soon realised that this marvellous concoction was an effective way to boost the morale of mine workers during the hot months of gruelling work. The story goes that in 1909, a US Navy officer tried the drink and loved it so much that he took the idea back with him to Washington D.C. where it became even more popular and soon gained traction all over the world. This fabulous cocktail was also a firm favourite of the likes of JFK and Ernest Hemmingway — the latter of which has his own variation! 

Here’s how to make it!


50ml Havana Club Verde white rum or Caleno Light & Zesty (Non alcoholic) 

25ml Mixer Pure Lime Juice

10ml Monin Sugar Cane Syrup 


Tiki Mug


Shake all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker for 10 – 15 seconds until the outside of the shaker is ice cold and strain into a coupe glass or Tiki Mug.

You can also try a delicious Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri


400g strawberries, hulled

100g ice

50ml Plantation 3 Stars Silver Rum

25ml Mixer Pure Lime Juice

10ml Monin Sugar Cane Syrup


2 slices of Premium Dehydrated Lime Slices

1 strawberry, halved

2 cocktail sticks


In a blender, combine ice, syrup and strawberries. Add the lime juice and rum. Blend until smooth. Pour into Tiki mugs. Serve and enjoy!

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