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Blackwater Distillery

Blackwater Distillery and Killowen Distillery join forces to create a unique, limited edition spirit! A Dó’, meaning ‘two’, as a nod to the two distilleries. Made with  Killowen's local Knockshee oats from the south and Blackwater's heritage barley north, it's bottled at 48%. It's briny on the ..
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Country Winner at the World Gin Awards 2022! From the Blackwater Distillery in West Waterford comes No.5.  An exemplary London Dry style gin, this small batch is delicately made in minute amounts from pure spirit, soft local water and fresh botanicals. ..
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The strawberries for this gin were grown just outside Ennicorthy in County Wexford, by Susan Kearns. For maximum flavour the strawberries are distilled but even more are added before bottling to enhance the flavour. This is a limited edition gin and will not last long!..
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Produced using Ireland's famous Barry's Tea. This release from Blackwater has been distilled using fresh juniper, Sicilian lemons, green cardamom, angelica root, sweet Spanish oranges and Barry's Tea. ..
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A small-batch release from the Waterford based distillery Blackwater. Velvet Cap is a blend of malt and grain which has been aged in a unique combination of ex-bourbon, port and stouted rye casks. The name 'velvet cap' refers to the caps traditionally worn by jockeys in point-to-point racing dating ..
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A small batch Irish vodka that is distilled at Blackwater in a copper pot still named Sally. Just 300L are made at a time and with each batch the tails run is recycled and re-distilled allowing more time in contact with the copper surface of the pot still. The vodka is reduced down to 40% using loca..
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A superb single malt from Blackwater Distillery! It's created from turf-tried malt and matured in sherry casks and boasts flavours and aromas of peat smoke and Jerez. Tastes great neat or over ice. ..
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This Juniper Cask Gin has rested in wood made from Juniper trees for at least 30 days before bottling. These juniper barrels were made especially for the distillery and, as juniper trees are relatively small, they can't be larger than 50 litres. The same botanicals used in Blackwater No. 5 are used ..
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Blackwater Retronaut 17 Year Old
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Originally only 1160 bottles this whisky were bottled. Now we only have a handful of cases left and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Expect flavours of vanilla, toffee, lots of yellow fruits and a slight nuttiness. Winner Gold Best Irish Malt Whiskey, Irish Whiskey Awards..
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Blackwater Velvet Cap Bordeaux Cask
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Gold winner at the Irish Whiskey Masters 2022 by The Spirits Business! This dram has aged in Bordeaux red wine casks for 5 years which result in a rich finish with delicious flavours of red currants. Tastes great neat or over ice. ..
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Boyles Gin
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Country Winner for Ireland at the World Gin Awards 2021! A wonderfully refreshing gin with a firm juniper base, enhanced by notes of lemon and lime peel, with spicy hints of cinnamon and the fruitiness of blackcurrants, apples and elderflower...
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Boyles Raspberry Blush Gin
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Boyle’s Raspberry Blush Gin is summer in a glass. First and foremost this is a gin distilled with raspberries, it’s not sweetened and doesn’t use artificial flavours. The raspberries here are fresh and the juniper is not shy. There’s a spicy middle with a lovely tickle of pink peppercorns and a wond..
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