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Brand: Angostura
The original aromatic bitters that was initially created in 1824 when it was created in the Venezuelan town of Angostura by Dr Johann Siegert. It can be said that a cocktail cabinet without Angostura Bitters is like a kitchen without salt and pepper. Angostura is the classic bitters for use in a Man..
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Brand: Angostura
Made to its own separate recipe, Angostura Orange is a very different creature compared to the standard bitters. In fact it does not share any ingredients with the classic bitters. A perfect addition to any Martini but also great in a range of foods such as desserts, chocolate and soups. ..
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Brand: Angostura
Winner of gold medal in the Rum Masters in both 2021 and 2022! Notes of honeycomb, sweet vanilla and touches of coconut are the key flavours in the Angostura 1919 as a result of been aged in ex-Bourbon barrels. Sip this rum neat or over ice!..
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Brand: Angostura
The latest addition to the Angostura bitters range which includes Trinitario cocoa sourced from Trinidad and Tobago. Unrivaled for their bitters expertise, this release has wonderful floral notes along with cocoa and nutty flavours...
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Brand: Angostura
A superior 12 Year Old rum which has plentiful molasses, dark chocolate and dried fruit flavours. A touch of spice can also be detected on the palate, great for sipping by the fire!..
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Brand: Angostura
Banana fritters, dried fruits and toffee apples are just some of the key flavours that this premium Angostura rum delivers. It has been aged for 15 years in oak casks resulting in a full flavour, lip smackingly delicious rum!..
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Angostura 3 Year Old Reserva Rum
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Brand: Angostura
Charcoal filtered to remove the colour, this expression from Angostura has been aged for a minimum of three years. A delicate and mellow rum that mixes very well...
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Angostura 5 Year Old Rum
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Brand: Angostura
A mulit-award winning rum from Angostura! Aged between five to nine years in American white oak, try this golden rum with your favourite mixer or in a Mojito!..
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Angostura 7 Year Old Rum
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Brand: Angostura
Rich in flavour with cacao nibs, Madagascan vanilla and honey. No doubt coming through from the Bourbon barrels that this rum was aged in for seven years...
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Angostura No. 1 Cask Collection
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Brand: Angostura
Angostura's Cask Collection No.1 is a 22-year-old blend of Trinidad and Tobago rums which have been matured in first-fill oloroso sherry casks. Smooth yet complex with an array of fruit and nut flavours throughout. ..
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