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Westward Whiskey

What's in the pack?3 x 3cl Join us for an exciting tasting event with Westward Whiskey, proud pioneers of American Single Malts. Their award-winning whiskey focuses on the long and slow whiskey-making process, For nearly two decades, they have brought something new, different, and relevant to t..
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A bold, award-winning American Single Malt that captures the essence and spirit of the Northwest. This whiskey is distilled like a traditional Single Malt but aged like a bourbon. Brewed with ale yeast and matured in lightly charred American Oak barrels, which brings the spirit up to a different lev..
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A fine tribute to Oregon's Willamette Valley wine country! This cask-finished whiskey is finished for up to two years in French Oak casks from a handful of award-winning producers in the region. Overall, a fruity, robust whiskey with delicious plum, chocolate, and dried fruit notes...
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Made in celebration of Oregon's legendary craft brewing scene. Westward Single Malt has been aged for up to one year in selected Stout casks around the Northwest to create something truly special. Fantastic toasted pecan and milk chocolate notes, with a bold, dry finish...
Ex Tax:€75.20
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