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Noilly Prat

Brand: Noilly Prat
A classic white Vermouth from the town of Marseillan in Southern France. Made in a complex process that includes unfermented and fortified 'mistelle' wines, wines aged in brine soaked casks and aromatic botanicals infused in large wooden vats. The herbal character comes from common plants found in t..
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Brand: Noilly Prat
Made the same way as the more common Noilly Prat but with a little extra sweetness and some spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and lavender. This is a rich and warming Vermouth that is excellent for cocktails that require a little more weight and spice...
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Brand: Noilly Prat
A sweet, fruity and spice red Vermouth that is flavoured with botanicals such as orange peel, cinnamon, quinine, cloves and cocoa beans. This is a great accompaniment to chocolate desserts and also with a cheese board or charcuterie...
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Brand: Noilly Prat
A delicious blend of Dolin Vermouth with Strawberry liqueur. This is a great cocktail ingredient and can be used in place or Vermouth, or a bitter aperitif such as Aperol or Campari. Flavours of fresh Alpine strawberries along with gentian, alpine herbs and citrus...
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