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J.J Corry Irish Whiskey

The third batch of JJ Corry Flintlock is here at last! Batch No.1 received the accolade of Best Irish Single Malt over 13 years at the Irish Whiskey Awards 2018 so we're excited for this one! For this release, the blenders have taken three different single malt casks from the same distillery and ble..
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The third edition of the ever-popular 'The Gael' series.  This fantastic blend is composed of 50% grain and 50% malt whiskey which has been matured in ex-bourbon and sherry casks...
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The third batch of The Battalion from the iconic Chapel Gate. Named after the Battalion San Patricos, a group of Irish soldiers who fought for Mexico in the Mexican-American war. It's made up of 60% grain and 40% malt whiskey, initially aged in bourbon casks with a subsequent maturation in a combina..
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A great gift for a whiskey aficionado, the JJ Corry Mini Selection Box — spice up the Christmas tree and why not use these to decorate it! The Selection Box includes JJ Corry The Gael, JJ Corry The Banner, JJ Corry The Flintlock and JJ Corry The Hanson in a beautifully presented box...
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Considered by many to be an absolute fruit bomb of an Irish whiskey and a perfect marriage of Irish whiskey flavours. Made from a blend of malt and grain Whiskey, and some of the oldest whiskeys in J.J Corry's library of flavours, Wonderfully complex and fruity with great spicy notes and a long hone..
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JJ Corry The Boiler Maker Set
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A beer and whiskey lovers paradise when it comes to gift sets and this one is a killer County Clare combination! The set includes a bottle of JJ Corry The Hanson along with two cans of the Western Herd Blue Jumper IPA. ..
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JJ Corry The Flintlock Batch 2
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The second batch of the very popular JJ Corry The Flintlock which is named after a pistol from the 17th century found on the McGuane family farm. Three single malt ex-Bourbon casks from the same distillery, aged fourteen and eighteen years have been married together. Resulting in notes of white ston..
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JJ Corry The Gael Batch 2
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The Gael Batch 2 follows on from the success of its predecessor in 2017, the highly acclaimed first batch. Batch 2 contains a variety of blends and includes 40% 9 Year Old Single Grain, 30% 17 Year Old Single Malt, 26% 13 Year Old Single Malt and 4% 28 Year Old Single Malt...
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JJ Corry The Hanson Batch 2
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Named after JJ Corry's exciseman, John Andrew 'The Gauger' Hanson who would have kept an eye on the bonder to make sure the correct taxes were being paid, thus usually someone, bonders and distillers would steer clear from. However, JJ Corry knew better and decided to befriend John Andrew. This bott..
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