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Domaine Eric Forest

A vibrant, somewhat smokey, and floral wine that Decanter Wine included in their top wines for 2019! Opens with aromas of candied lemon, pear, and apple with smoky and toasted notes. An impressive palate follows the aromas with a saline and tannic finish...
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“Les Crays” is a land of limestone boulders on the blue marl Pliensbachian on the southern side of Vergisson hill. It benefits from great sun exposure and is protected from northern cold wind, producing a refreshing mineral wine rich with multiple citrus flavors. This vintage is harvested from sever..
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A buttery and complex wine made in the Saint Veran region from 100% Chardonnay. Boasts enticing aromas of peach, apricot, and spices. This dry, oaky white wine offers a touch of almond and nuts, with a hint of vanilla on the palate. Aromatic, flavourful, and lively...
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Domaine Eric Forest Bourgogne Blanc 2019
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2019 was a challenging year for winemakers in Burgundy with severe frost damage. Thankfully, although yields were low, the quality was superb and this Bourgogne blanc is a stunning introduction to the range!..
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Domaine Eric Forest Pouill Fuisse 2019 Ame Forest
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A blend of equal parts of 2 different terroirs. The marn soil of “La Cote” brings power and minerality to the structure as well as length in the mouth. The clay-limestone combination of Tillers brings finesse with citric and pit fruit. The wine displays notes of citrus and stone fruits. It is really..
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Domaine Eric Forest Pouill Fuisse 2019 La Roche
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Grown on a plot around 400 meters above sea level. The well-ventilated vineyard has a barren and stony limestone soil and south-eastern exposure. The wines grown here are extremely mineral and firm in structure. Opens with a radiant, mineral bouquet with subtle citrus notes of pear, white flowers, j..
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