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Vinhos Barbeito

A delicious sweet wine from the top Madeira producer Barbeito. Made from the Tinta Negra Mole grape. Works well as a digestif...
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An Old Reserve blend from Barbeito made using three wines: the first by skin maceration from the year 2010 and the other two by direct pressing from the years 2009 and 2011. Slightly spicy fresh palate, involving the entire mouth with a vibrant and precise acidity. Smooth apricot flavour in a fresh ..
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This wine originates from a single vineyard located in the lower slopes of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos, in the south coast of Madeira Island. The ageing process began in March 2019 by the traditional Canteiro method, under moderate temperatures, in old French oak casks. The result is a fabulous wine..
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A fantastic release from Portugal's Vinho Barbeito. Soft caramel aroma mixed with candied yellow fruit, honeycomb and citrus notes. Full, silky, elegant with a consistent freshness in the aftertaste. Excellent as an aperitif...
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An excellent Sweet Madeira Wine produced by the Malvasia variety and aged for 10 years in French oak casks. Boasts a wonderful amount of depth with a  well balanced, full, and persistent spicy finish. Makes a fantastic digestif. ..
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Made from a blend of 30 to 70 year old wines, this fantastic and racy Malvasia displays flavours of wood smoke, caramel, dried fruits, and peach. The decandent richness is offset by the racy acidity which gives the wine far more freshness and life than you would expect. ..
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Very few producers, overall in the Madeira Wine, find a history with such great revolution, like Barbeito and become so highly sought after. This release is the second controlled bottling of a wine from that property. Aged in old American oak cask to produce a  very intense and dark wine, accom..
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This wine originates from a single vineyard located on the lower slopes of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos in the south coast of Madeira Island. Half of the grapes were harvested a week before they reached full maturation, thus obtaining higher acidity levels by using the traditional Canteiro method in..
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Made from the very best Sercial and blended with very old Tinta Negra wines from Ribeiro Real. Sophisticated and delicate palate with citrus flavours, a slightly salt touch, mineral and a fresh lingering finish. Only 1259 bottles available...
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A terrific 100% Verdelho aged for 10 - 15 years. Boasts notes of light polished wood, ripe citrus, floral notes, white sultanas and honey. Smooth texture, mineral touch with a fresh and energetic acidity and a lingering finish. Excellent as an aperitif, consommé, or paired with smoked salmon, dried..
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2002 is a very special year for Barbeito as it marks the year Ricardo Diogo met Mr. João dos Reis, owner of the vineyard which is now cultivated by his sons. Since 2002, Vinhos Barbeito has been harvesting continuously in this vineyard located in Campanario, a parish traditionally considered to be w..
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A superbly rich 40 year old Boal that has been named in honour of Diplomat Fernao Favila Vieira. For this homage Ricardo Diogo chose, amongst his favourites, the best Boal wines aged in their warehouses over the last 40 years, by the traditional Canteiro method to which he added much older ones. In ..
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A gloriously rich and complex Malvasia that has been produced in honour of Angelo Augusto da Silva. For this tribute Ricardo Diogo chose, amongst his favourites, the best Malvasia wines aged in our warehouses over the last 40 years, by the traditional Canteiro method, to which he added much older on..
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Barbeito 50 Year Old Verdelho Aniversario celebrates the producer's 75 years. Made from a selection of old wines from the Verdelho variety. This is the first Verdelho 50 Year Old blend ever made in Madeira. Bouquet with woody notes, balsamic / ̈vinagrinho ̈, clove, raisin, black figs, ripe orange pe..
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Produced from Tinta Negra grapes from “Vinha das Mantas” in 2009. Owned by the Afonso family, this centenary vine, in a trellis system, is located at an altitude of 600 meters and is almost always harvested in the first week of October. 1062 units were all bottled individually numbered. Fresh mentho..
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This Colheita was produced exclusively with grapes from the same vineyard as the Verdelho 1996 and Verdelho 2000. The grapes originate in the north coast of the island, Sao Vicente, and contribute decisively to the great acidity of this wine. In June 2020, 761 bottles were filled and individually nu..
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Another must-try from the fantastic Vinhos Barbeito! Made using Tinta Negra and Sercial aged in French oak casks for over 5 years by the Canteiro method. Aromas of dried fruit and biscuit. Clean and persistent with a long and fresh finish. Excellent as an aperitif, with olives, tapas, and cheese...
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Barbeito 50 Year Old Japones Malvasia
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A fantastic, limited edition Madeira wine made in honour of  Mr. Yasuhiro Kinoshita, who played a key role in Barbeito. This blend boasts extremely complex aromas, showing a growing citric acidity, with notes of tangerine, passion fruit, and plum jam. It is unctuous, juicy and with spicy marmal..
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Barbeito Boal 10 Year-Old Reserve
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A fantastic Medium Sweet Madeira Wine from Vinhos Barbeito. Aged in French oak casks for over 10 years by the Canteiro method. Offers a smooth honeyed palate with caramelized nutty flavours and a spicy fresh finish. Excellent as a digestif...
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Barbeito Island Rich Reserva 5 Year Old Sweet
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Barbeito 5 Years Island Rich Reserva Sweet is a sweet fortified wine that is golden in colour with aromas reminiscent of nuts and almonds. On the palate it is citric with good acidity and a fresh and smooth finish...
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Barbeito Malvasia Reserva 5 Year-Old
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Malvasia aged in French oak casks for over 5 years by Canteiro method. Lightly caramelized on the palate, fresh and polished. Excellent as a digestif. Accompanies well dessert, cheese, Christmas pudding and crystalized fruits...
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Barbeito Rainwater Reserva Medium Dry 5 Year Old
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Made from 80% Tinta Negra and 20% Verdelho aged for five years using the Canteiro method, which is the most expensive way of making Madeira reserved for only the very best wines. Casks are placed into the hot attics of warehouses to essentially cook a little. This imparts the caramelised nut and min..
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Barbeito Sercial 10 Year Old Reserve
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A fantastic 100% Sercial aged in French oak casks from 10 up to 14 years by Canteiro method. Mineral and salty with heady acidity. Finishes dry and fresh with an almost endless end. Excellent as an aperitif or paired with oysters, French onion soup, octopus salad, Parmesan cheese, with sautéed mush..
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Barbeito Verdehlo 1994 MEF
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The second wine in a series of bottlings that pay tribute to Mr. Manuel Eugénio, who supplied the graps to Barbeito and was influential in growing the company. In September 2018, 650 bottles have been filled, all individually numbered. In terms of aroma, this wine offers a bouquet with candied frui..
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Barbeito Verdelho 2018
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Very few producers, especially in the Madeira Wine, find a history with such great revolution, like the one that happened with Barbeito. Today, Barbeito is one of the most famous producers of Madeira Wine. The grapes for Barbeito Verdelho 2018 were carefully selected and transported in boxes of 20 k..
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