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Licor 43

Licor 43 was formulated by the Zamora family in 1946 inspired by a drink said to be consumed by the Carthaginians. Unsurprisingly it contains 43 secret botanicals, the main ones being vanilla, orange and lemon. 

Brand: Licor 43
Licor 43 Horchata is a delicious cream liqueur from Spain! Inspired by the traditional horchata recipe from Valencia and infused with Licor 43 Original with delicately sweet Mediterranean flavours layered with tiger nut, spice and citrus. Expect aromas with spicy and citrus tones, tiger nut horchata..
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Brand: Licor 43
The Baristo expression of Licor 43 blended the classic liqueur with coffee that has been cultivate in the Agaete valley in Gran Canaria. A warming and rich liqueur with flavours of coffee, cocoa, vanilla and citrus fruits. Great served neat over a little ice. ..
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Brand: Licor 43
A famous Spanish liqueur that contains a secret mix of 43 botanicals. The main ones being vanilla, orange and lemon. Said to have been inspired by a drink once consumed by the Carthaginians and formulated by the Zamora family in 1946. ..
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Licor 43 Chocolate
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Brand: Licor 43
A Spanish Chocolate liqueur to tantalise the tastebuds!  Licor 43 have taken their original liqueur and infused it with rich chocolate made with 100% sustainably produced cocoa. The result is a harmonious blend of two delicious flavours with a creamy finish. Perfect over ice! ..
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Licor 43 Orochata
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Brand: Licor 43
A unique Spanish liqueur that is flavoured with the Mediterranean drink Horchata. Little known outside of Spain, Horchata is made from Tiger Nuts and looks like milk but tastes nutty, herbal and a little woody.  ..
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Licor 43 Orochata 1L
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Brand: Licor 43
Created from citrus, spices, herbs and fruit juices, the Licor 43 has been infused with Horchata (a drink made from tiger nuts, sugar, cinnamon and lemon). A delicious Spanish liquor that works brilliantly in cocktails! This is a litre bottling...
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