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A family firm based in Wolfenbuttel in Germany. The famous liqueur was first formulated in 1935 and has become incredibly popular worldwide in the last 20 years. 

Brand: Jagermeister
A unique liqueur that shares some characteristics with an Italian Amaro. Jagermeister was first formulated in 1935 as a restorative drink for hunters. These days it is more commonly consumed by the shot in nightclubs however it is best enjoyed as a liqueur being sipped like an Amaro after a meal.&nb..
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Jagermeister Mini 2cl
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Brand: Jagermeister
The well-known German liqueur now available in 2cl mini size! This liqueur is created by 56 naturally sourced botanicals of rare exotic herbs, spices, woods, fruits, blossoms, seeds and roots. Smooth and rich with a distinctive bitter sweet finish...
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