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A unique range of liqueurs with the classic 'L'autentico' at its core. Made from a unique selection of 25 botanicals that are distilled together in pot stills. Galliano was launched as a liqueur in 1896 and it is said that the recipe and name came from Italian war hero Maggiore Galliano. The brand was reduced in quality from the 1970s-1990s but now under the ownership of Lucas Bols the original recipe, great taste and ABV have been resurrected. 

Brand: Galliano
A smooth and creamy liqueur that has flavours of vanilla ice cream along with notes of peppermint and aniseed. Great in a wide variety of cocktails. ..
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Brand: Galliano
A reformulated version of Galliano that puts emphasis on the flavour of vanilla along with the other traditional Galliano flavours. The overall flavour is one of peppermint along with creamy vanilla ice-cream and a touch of aniseed. ..
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Galliano L'Autentico Liqueur
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Brand: Galliano
The original recipe Galliano that was revived recently after the new owners (Lucas Bols) felt that the real flavour of the liqueur had been dumbed down by previous owners over the years. This reverts back to the original recipe and strength with a complex blend of 25 botanicals that are distilled to..
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Galliano Ristretto Espresso Liqueur
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Brand: Galliano
An espresso liqueur that is made using both Robusta beans from Kenya and India with Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia. A strongly flavoured drink with notes of chocolate, espresso and bitter nuts. ..
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