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Perez Barquero

Made exclusively from Pedro Ximénez grape and fermented in small ceramic jars with a short but intense biological ageing under a veil of flor (natural yeast). Citrus and spicy aromas carry on to the palate which develops notes of orange, cinnamon, wood, bitter almond. A wonderful aperitif drink or i..
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An expertly crafted wine made from 100% Pedro Ximénez grapes grown in a single vineyard, La Cañada. This has been aged in a superior solera system for over 25 years. It is a dense wine and intensely sweet, full of aromas and flavours of raisins, figs, with notes of honey and cocoa, toffee but with w..
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A clean and bright vinegar with iodine nuances. It is very aromatic and shows nuances of wood from a long aging process. Smooth and balanced, with a long persistence. Pairs great with Gazpachos and salmorejos, salads of all kinds, marinades, and pickles...
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Recognized as one of the great sherries on the market. The wine ferments naturally, which accentuates its elegant and fine balance. From the first taste, there are hints of toast and dried fruit, and an intense aftertaste. Rated 92/100 by Robert Parker...
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A bright and amber rum from the oldest soleras of prestigious producers in the Dominican Republic. This rum is one of great expression with intense and spicy aromas. Dry and delicate with a magnificent personality on the palate. ..
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A sweet and sticky Pedro Ximenez from a very old solera which averages 50 years of age. Made only from the best of the best casks in the Chiadera system. The nose is complex of burnt honey, caramel, licorice, and coffee. Powerful mouth entrance, delicate, subtle, voluptuous, smooth, but with a long ..
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An Amontillado 75 years in the making! This wine was bottled on the 100 year anniversary of the terrible Siege of Monte Arruit. Highly concentrated and equally well balanced. A true celebration of Montilla winemaking and a rare jewel to add to your collection...
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A very fine and rare Oloroso which comes from a very old solera dating back to 1955. The taste is caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves ,and smoked background in its olfactory phase. The palate is rough, powerful, velvety, very dry, powerful. Frosty fruit jams mixed with touches of oak and tobacco..
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A very special Palo Cortado that combined some of the flavours of a Fino with those of an Oloroso. This wine combines the bright color from the Amontillado and the taste of the Oloroso. Its long aging process carries alluring flavours of vanilla, dried apricots, and cocoa. Powerful, rough, liqueur-l..
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Intense and elegant aroma, reminiscent of raisined grapes and hints of honey. It also has nuances of wood due to its long aging, and a very pleasant acetic persistence. On the palate it is soft, honeyed, balanced. It is an excellent natural sweet and sour dressing...
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1905 Amontillado Solera Fundacional
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From the Montilla region comes an old solera Montilla which is made from 100% Pedro Ximenez. This is an exquisite sherry with an abundance of complex flavours and aromas including old oak, spice, smoke, brine, walnuts and dates. A rare gem. ..
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