It’s the greenest time of the year — a time to celebrate Saint Patrick and all things Irish! It’s the first time in two years that we’ve been able to celebrate properly with parades, festivals and céilís so we’re going to go all in this year! However, no Paddy’s Day would be complete without a traditional Irish tipple. In honour of Lá Fhéile Pádraig, we’ve put together a list of Irish beers, whiskeys, poitín, and cream liqueurs to help you celebrate the day in style! Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh! 


1) White Hag Shamrock Shake

A delicious seasonal ale just in time for Paddy's Day! As the name suggests, it's tastes of mint ice cream and vanilla and of course, it's bright green in colour! Get them while they're still available!  

ABV 5.5% | €2.50 

2) White Hag Watermelon IPA 

Go green this Paddy's Day with this delicious watermelon IPA from White Hag! It's juicy with a slightly bitter finish and, of course, bright green in colour! Bottled at 5.5%, it's a great option for partying! 

ABV 5.5% | €2.50 

3) Killarney Brewing Devil's Helles Lager

A clean and crisp Helles Lager from Killarney Brewing! This pale brew tells the story of a fierce battle between Thor and the Devil. Boasts notes of honey, malt and a touch of noble hops!

ABV 4.5% | €3.70 

4) Eight Degrees Howling Gale

A classic brew that's been a favourite since it launched in 2011! Crisp and pleasant with delicious grapefruit flavours, moderate hop bitterness, and a slight biscuit and caramel pale malt body. We recommend trying this one with spicy or fried food as a real treat!

ABV 4.5% | €3.00 

5) O'Hara's Nitro Stout

The Country Winner for Ireland at the World Beer Awards 2021. The classic O'Hara's Irish Stout, but now nitrogenated for a smoother, creamier texture. This stout carries a rich roast flavour complemented by a full-bodied and smooth mouthfeel. The generous addition of Fuggle hops lends a tart bitterness to the dry espresso-like finish.

ABV 4.3% | €3.00 


1) The Irishman Founders Reserve Sherry Cask

A Celtic Whiskey Shop exclusive, we have here a unique blend of Single Malt and Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey which has been triple distilled and aged initially in American Oak Barrels before finishing in an Oloroso Sherry butt for a period of 12 months. Limited to just 948 bottles.

ABV 46% | €75.00 

2) Glendalough 7 Year Old Mizunara Cask

This wonderful whiskey is initially matured in America Oak Bourbon Casks and finished in the Mizunara Oak Casks from the Japanese Island of Hokkaidō. Only the most experienced and skillful coopers in Japan can work with this type of oak. All their time and dedication are all worth it to create this superb and unique whiskey.

ABV 46% | €80.00 

3) Jameson Black Barrel Proof

Jameson presents a delightful dram with the Black Barrel Proof. Created from pot still and grain whiskey, it has aged in American oak, sherry casks and double charred ex-bourbon barrels for a smooth, delicious taste. Bottled at 50% ABV .

Want to make this bottle extra special? Add a personal engraving for an additional €15.00. 

ABV 50% | €65.00 

4) Redbreast Cask 2001 1st Fill Sherry Butt #17126 Single Pot Still 16 Year Old

The new LIMITED EDITION Single Cask from Redbreast whiskey is here! This special release has been hand-selected and bottled exclusively for the Celtic Whiskey Shop. This single pot still is tripled distilled and aged for 16 years in Oloroso Sherry Casks. Bottled at 60.2%, single cask 34970 is limited to only 600 bottles.

ABV: 60.2% | €265.00

5) Teeling Wonders of Wood Single Pot Still Chinkapin Oak

The first edition of Teeling's Wonders of Woods series. This superb whiskey is created from 50% malted barley and 50% unmalted barley which has been triple distilled and aged in Virgin Chinkapin Oak and American White Oak Casks. Expect spicy aromas with sweet flavours of butterscotch, caramel and woody tannins. Bottled at 50% ABV, this release is in partnership with the Tree Council of Ireland which helps plant exclusively native Irish tree species in County Wicklow.  

ABV 50% | €80.00 


1) Micil Poitin

Micil is distilled in Galway's first legal distillery in 100 years. Pádraic Ó Griallais is a 6th generation poitín maker and has named Micil in honour of his great-great-great grandfather who was famed for producing the best moonshine in the area. The distillery uses 100% grain along with a local botanical called Bogbean. The Bogbean is said to add a little spice to the honey and grain flavours in the poitín. This versatile spirit can be enjoyed straight like a whiskey, in cocktails or over ice with your favourite mixer.

ABV 44% | €30.00 

2) Glendalough Mountain Strength Poitin

A triple distilled poitín that has been made in traditional copper pot stills using malted barley and spring water. Bottled at a powerful 55%. Try it neat if you dare, or add a little water. This can also work wonders in many cocktails where the floral and malted grain flavours work a treat.

ABV 55% | €37.00 

3) Mad March Hare Poitín

An award winning Poitín that is made 100% from malted barley and then distilled in traditional copper pot stills. This is clean, crisp and delicate tasting with flavours of malted grains and citrus fruits.

ABV 40% | €36.00 

4) Teeling Spirit Of Dublin Poitín

Distilled at the Teeling Distillery in the Liberties area of Dublin. Spirit of Dublin has been made using a 50/50 mix of unmalted barley and malted barley. It can be compared to an unaged Single Pot Still whiskey but being a new spirit it has a character all of its own. On its release, this was the first new release of a spirit to be made in Dublin for 125 years and marked a return of distilling to the Liberties area which was once full of breweries, distilleries and tanneries. This poitín can be drunk straight but also works very well in cocktails and Irish coffees.

ABV 52.5% | €34.99 

Irish Cream

1) Baileys Irish Cream

The world's best-selling liqueur. Baileys is made in Dublin and the production plant uses 275 million litres of milk every year. The recipe includes Irish whiskey, fresh cream, Irish spirits and natural flavours.

ABV 17% | €18.95 

2) Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur

A superb Irish Cream that combines single batch dairy cream with Irish Whiskey, all sourced within County Cork. A true example of farm-to-table liqueur that has won a number of awards to date!

ABV 17% | €32.00 

3) Coole Swan

An incredible Irish Cream Liqueur that is made using real dairy cream, Belgian white chocolate, and the best Irish Single Malt Whiskey. A winner of countless awards, this is one of our firm favourites.

ABV 17% | €25.00 

4) Micil Connemara Irish Cream Liqueur

Micil have created their own cream liqueur and it's as scrumptious as it sounds! It's inspired by an old family recipe and a long Connemara tradition of spirits made with cream, honey and a small drop of poitín! Made from malted Irish barley, it's deliciously sweet with a hint of winter spice! Perfect over ice or in a hot chocolate!

ABV 17% | €29.00 

5) Merrys Salted Caramel Liqueur

A fine Irish cream liqueur made with real dairy cream and aged Irish whiskey. This has warming flavours of caramel toffees and a delicate hint of sea salt. 

ABV 17% | €18.99 

We hope you enjoyed our blog post and have a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day! If you can’t find the perfect drink this Paddy’s Day, be sure to browse our amazing range of wine, champagne, liqueur, gin, and whiskey.

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